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From Thailand, to Holland, to Spain: From Thai stick seeds to smoke able weed: Thai Sinse.

The Thai seeds I grew out in Spain did not come from any seed bank, they ended up left over in the plastic containers that hold the bud and hash in our coffeeshops. We sold the Thai sticks as shown in the picture below per gram, so the little buds had to be talen of the bamboo sticks they were tied around with a thin string of rope, a so-called rasta hair.

You can see the seeds it the sticks, that is how Thai sticks come.

This is a Thai stick, it is not a bud, Thai plants grow small, fluffy buds, which are wrapped and tied around a thin bamboo stick to make it in to the traders unit the stick stands for. This stick is posing in front of my monitor, when a question about Thai sticks was asked on Overgrow, in January 2001.

Ten seeds, only 4 came up. One can imagine the seeds were not stored the way they should.

They came out like any other strain, with broad leafs to starts with.

June 10.

June 13.

June 15.

June 19. By now, I started noticing the difference in structure, compared to the rest of my strains, all mainly Indica based. The leafs on the Thaiís were now showing way slimmer, especially next to the Legends Ultimate Indica.

June 21. Three Thai plants, next to the LUI.

June 24. The day I measured all plants, with 64 centimetres in height, the Thai was the largest plant in my garden by far.

June 24. Thai on the left, Legends Ultimate Indica on the right, Sativa next to Indica.

June 27.

July 1. The Thaiís have a very fine structure, with loads of this branches, all growing rapidly towards the sun. The plants are not bushy, I bet they are even thinner in Thailand, where they stand very close together.

July 6.

July 8.

July 15.

July 15. Thai in the sky.

July 31.

August 5. A Thai plant to look up to.

August 10.

August 16.

August 21. The plants are showing tiny flowers.

August 25. This is one on the Thais that turned hermaphrodite, two branches on the same plant, male balls showing on the left, female flowers on the right. I clipped all male looking branches from the plant, and left the rest as it was, keeping an eye on it a few times, the next days. The plant kept turning female branches into hermaphrodite branches, showing both flowers and balls. I kept clipping these branches off, until I finally had to cut it down completely, when the top bud turned hermy.

It left me with three plants I had to watch carefully too, the Thai strains are known for being unreliable in sexual consistency.

August 31.

I must have forgotten to take pictures of the Thais for a while, so I have to do with a picture of the whole garden, on September 4. The Thais are on the far left.

September 23. I had only two Thais left now, another one went hermaphrodite. The two plants left were not looking at all like the other, one of them had its leafs up, like the rest of my garden, but the darker colored Thai had its leafs hanging down most of the time.

September 29. This is the one I called the light Thai, it was partially yellow, by a lack of nitrogen, I guess.

This is the dark Thai, letting it all hang down. They were actually both making some real flowers now.

A fine looking Thai flower, by this time, most of all the other plants in my garden had already been trimmed and was hung up to dry.

October 1. The weather was not getting any better, I had to put the Thais under the terrace roof, sometimes, when it rained heavily. As soon as it was possible, I moved them back in the ever-returning Spanish sunshine.

The dark Thai, clearly showing buds now.

The light Thai.

October 3. With some light behind them you can see the buds way better.

October 5. Dark Thai bud.

October 5. Light Thai buds.

October 14. A bugged Thai, probably with a DEA agent in disguise.

October 15. A dark Thai bud.

October 15. The light Thai in the sun.

October 19. Light Thai bud.

October 21. The main bud of the dark Thai, with a three way split head.

October 21. The main bud of the light Thai, with a normal structure.

October 30. The light Thai back in the sun, after another rain shower spent undercover.

October 30. The strange bud of the dark Thai.

November 1. Light Thai.

November 6. The dark Thai was slowly turning lighter, you can see the leafs are still hanging.

A bud on the dark Thai.

November 6. The light Thai started turning greener, after I served it with some nutrients from Organihum, the Nitro, which was meant for the growing stage actually. I used that on this plant because the product contains 8 % of Nitrogen. It seemed to cure the plant, after only two servings.

December 6. Strange follow upÖI took this picture while I was making this report, with the Nitro in front of my monitor, displaying the previous picture. Condemor, the director of www.organihum.com gave me some of his products to try out with my next harvest. I tried it on this one, as a welcome supplement, worked just fine.

November 6. Light Thai buds.

November 7. The Thais are seeking shelter from the rain again.

November 8. Another ĎThai in the skyí shot, same plant as the one earlier in this report.

November 13. Another shot of the dark Thaiís main bud, just before trimming it.

November 13. A small bud on the light Thai.

November 13. Maruska is clipping the dark Thai.

The main bud of the dark Thai, trimmed.

A little bit closer.

December 3. A bowl of dry Thai buds, on top the main bud of the light Thai.

A closer look at the light Thai bud.

A small bud of the dark Thai.

Another December 6 shot, I never took a picture of the dry bud of the dark Thai after the harvest. Here it is anyway, you can clearly see the bud split up three ways.

I smoked and smoke the Thai Sinsemilla, as I am typing this report, it gives me a strong, but stimulating high, it makes me do things, Iíd better not smoke too much of it now. I will save some in case I am in a physical and mental dip, it will sure get me over it soon.
I have loads more seeds, next year Iíll try to cross the Thai with some Dutch genetics, both ways.
I am really satisfied with the Thai, it took a long wait, but that was well worth it.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , Sinsemilla Thai for an inspiring high!

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