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Northern Light Clones | Thai Sinse

From Spanish clones to bud and seed: Northern Light clones, from GrowSur’s Jose Molina.

In mid July, Jose asked me if I wanted some Northern Light clones, he had no room for them.
I had plenty of room on our terrace, so I loaded them in my car on the spot, my first ever grow was with NL clones, way back in 1986, so I was eager to grow them out in Spain.

July 19. I put them straight on the terrace, in the burning sun, it was about 38 centigrade at that time of year. They were not bothered by the change of light strength, as they grew up indoors.

I started transplanting them on July 30, they had adjusted to the climate by now, without any problems.

July 31.

August 5.

August 10.

August 16, small flowers showing.

August 21, the flowers are developing, time to dust some of them with male pollen.

August 21. Six NL clones. I harvested the male pollen by covering a big bud with a plastic bag, then cut the bud just under the bag. After shaking the bag with the bud inside, I took the bud out and ditched it in a hole in the ground, with the rest of the plant. After taking pollen from all males, I took the NL clones down hill, one by one, and covered them with a plastic bag and tagged them with their respective strain ID.
I used all SOL males, and the Skunk # 1. I took the bags off the next day, kept them in the shade to prevent them from burning under the plastic.

August 28.

September 2.

September 10.

September 23.

September 27.

September 27. Resin? Yes! It started smelling like I recall, the aroma gave me flashbacks to my first outdoor grow in my Grandma’s garden, I remembered how nervous I was back then. Now, I was exited, looking eagerly forward to smoking these familiar flavoured flowers.
Can you imagine a Northern Light clone functioning as a vegetal kind of time machine? I could, just for a few moments…

October 1. Trimming the Northern Light was a pleasure already, the smell they released was a treat.

October 2. Blue Satellite x Northern Light. The seeds look good.

Legends Ultimate Indica x Northern Light, only a few seeds, most of them look good.

Skunk # 1 x Northern Light only produced 4 seeds.

Sweet Tooth # 3 x Northern Light produced some 30 good looking seeds.

Both Blockhead and Sweet Tooth # 4 males did not stick to the Northern Light, I do not have a clue to the how and why. The same Blockhead pollen did produce over 100 seeds on a branch of Old Ed. Natural selection, I suppose, I have stopped wondering about it already.

November 10. Smoking Northern Light was another short trip in the vegetal time machine, and it still has a velvet punch. I only smoked a few joints, and saved the rest for Christmas…

Rich in aroma, makes your mouth water when crumbling or grinding it. Rich in flavour, sweet candy. Makes you chill completely, mentally and physically. Passed the decades while maintaining its great genetics.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , enjoying the good present times.

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