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From seed to smoke able weed: Sweet Tooth # 3. Spice of Life Seedbank.

May 18. Sweet Tooth # 3 is probably the most known strain of Breeder Steve’s Spices of Life. As always, it just started with some seeds between wet toilet paper.

May 21. The soaking turned a sleeping seed into a living creature, with life flowing out of it.

May 23. Must be hard, being the bean inside a seed, first you have to squeeze yourself out of a tight, dark seed-shell, which must be a hard struggle. After a seed has been burst open by the power of life, and produced a fine white sprout, it is put an inch underground, which initiates the next struggle for light and life. This ST # 3 seed won the first two battles clearly; it is sticking its lovely head out of the soil that covered it.

June 2. More seeds made it, SOL genetics germinate excellent.

The first set of leafs have formed, so they have to be held out towards the sun all day.

The small plants grow fast, holding their leafs out as sun collector units.

June 11, the plants have been transplanted to their final pots.

The Sweet Teeth are on the left, they look like a row of clones, very similar. The other plants are Blue Sats.

June 18, showing of with my plants.

36 centimetres Sweet Tooth # 3.

June 26. ST#3 makes nine finger leafs, it must feel comfy.

June 27.

July 1.

July 8.

July 15.

July 20, the Sweet Tooth # 3 male.

July29. Male Sweet Tooth # 3 close up. This is a plant with balls.

July 30.

August 5.

August 10.

August 16.

August 21.

August 24.

August 27.

August 28. Trichomes all over…

August 30.

August 30.

August 31.

September 2.

September 4.

September 8.

September 10.

September 18. Harvest time for Sweet Tooth # 3.

September 19, ST#3’s off spring, fine looking seeds.

September 21, still harvesting. From left to right: Sweet Tooth # 3, Flo, Skunk # 1.

October 3. The branches were separated from the stems, to be put in Spanish harvesting baskets, to stay in style.

October 15. I was just eager to smoke, and the sun was out, so I made these fine shots.

ST#3 looks fine in a rolling paper.

November 10. The buds are well cured now, Spain is hot and dry, does not even take any work.

Resinous, tasty and a sweet, smooth high.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , still counting trichomes.

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