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From cannabis seed to smoke able weed: Legends Ultimate Indica.

Jose Molina introduced me to one of the worlds greatest cannabis seed breeders, who happened to live around Malaga for a while this year, Breeder Steve. Steve needed some time off after a few years of hard work in Switserland, where he bred seeds, to keep his Spice of Life seed bank up and running. Steve gave me 5 of his strains, to see how they do in Spain, he went back to Canada, so he could not grow out any of them in Spain himself. They did fine, as you have already seen in the previous reports. Here is a full report of the grow cycle of the Legends Ultimate Indica, in pots, in Spain.

May 20, the Legends have come to live, all of them.

Nice sprouts.

June 12, trans-potted into 15 litre pots.

June 18.

On the left, the Thaiís, pure Sativa, next to the LUI, pure Indica. Note the big difference in the shape of the leafs.

June 19.

June 21, Thai(l) and LUI.

June 26, LUI on the right.

June 27.

July 1.

July 20, a male Legend, with some bugs on it.

July 29, male LUI, ready to spread its pollen.

July 31.

August 5.

August 10.

August 16.

August 21.

August 27.

August 30.

August 31.

September 2.

September 4.

September 10.

September 21. Harvested September 23.

September 27, a small bud, to try it out, a whoopy weed, this Legend!

Only 8 seeds out of the cross of LUI with NL.

November 10, after 6 weeks of drying.

Great taste, smooth, instant high.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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