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From cannabis sed to smoke able weed: Golden Leaf. Former Positronics Seedbank.

Out of the 10 seeds I brought, only 1 germinated, it turned out to be a female.

It was very disappointing to find out that the strength went out of the seeds, they were old, but 1 out of 10 is the second worst result.

This is the only girl that made it out the shell and the soil.

It took off very well, as you can see.

June 7.

June 10.

June 13.

June 15.

June 19.

June 24.

June 27.

July 1.

July 8.

July 15.

July 31.

August 5.

August 10.

August 16.

August 21.

August 27.

August 28.

August 31.

September 2.

September 4.

September 10.

September 18.

September 18, harvested the same day.

September 28. I took a few buds to Mambo beach club, to share with some friends.

My friends could not resist it, nor could they handle it, they both ended up down and outů

November 10, well dry now, tastes like cotton candy, but hits like a boxing glove!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , glad I have loads more of them seeds, to make a couple one day.

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