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From cannabis seed to smoke able weed: Flo x Silver Haze, a gift from Karulo.

It all started with a seed…
I have read and heard that significant phrase many a time, and took it for granted, because it is a complete truth.
This report, unlike the other reports of my 11 strain garden in Spain, starts with a juicy bud of Flo marihuana, which we received as a gift from Karulo, before we left Barcelona, to head South.

This is the bud I refer to in the text above, we chose the Flo out of a few good buds to smoke while moving to Andalucia, Spain’s most southern State. As you can see, a seed stuck out of the bud, which contained another few seeds. Maruska saved them carefully, so I sprouted the seeds, two came out and up, and ended up being both female plants. I grew them out naming them Flo, but only recently, when I met Karulo in Holland, I found out that the Flo was ‘done’ by a few Silver Haze pollen, the only male he had up in the same building, those days. Karulo told me he must have passed some pollen through his clothes or hair, when he had been with both the male Silver Haze and the female Flo plants, one day.
So, to set the record straight, this report is about Silver Haze x Flo.

 May 17. Alive and sprouting.

In fresh Dutch soil.

May 19. One of the two that made it to the sunlight.

Tiny little leafs coming out.

May 21.

May 27.

June 4.

June 7.

June 10.

June 13.

June 15.

June 19.

June 24.

June 27.

July 1.

July 8.

July 15.

July 31.

August 5.

August 5.

August 10.

August 10.

August 16.

August 16.

August 21.

August 21.

August 23.

August 27.

August 27.

August 28.

August 30.

August 31.

September 2.

September 10.

September 21. Flo trimmed.

September 21. Great conic bud.

The other main bud was damaged by a caterpillar attack, which took the complete top.

A resinous small Flo bud.

Both Flo plants while being trimmed.

September 29. A dry Flo bud, just for an early taste of it.

It smells so different, and yet so familiar, makes you want to smoke one more, to find out what it is that makes you want that taste again.

This is a dried Silver Haze x Flo bud on November 10.

Silver Flo, don’t leave home without it…

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , going with the Flo.

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