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Welcome to the movies. If you have a slow connection use the slow links for showing the video. If you have a huge connection like cable or xDSL than use the fast links. All files are in Windows Media Video. This means that you need a movie player like Windows Media Player or a clone of this program. These days all players support WMV.

Added by Deliriumt @ 11-07-2007 Nolympics 2005!

Click here for the user movies!

Click here if you want to know how
to walk to the shops from the
central station

30th anniversary movies!!!

Buying weed the old way:
Interview with nol on RTL4 (Dutch):

Interview with nol on SBS6 (Dutch):


Wanna see some growing?


Interview on RTL5 (Dutch):

Willie Wortel on the Move (Dutch):

Willie Wortel on the Move (Dutch):

Part 1/4


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