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From cannabis seed to smoke able weed: Blockhead.

Blockhead is one of Steve’s strains, Spice of Life seed bank, a name that indicates big, heavy buds. The seeds all sprouted within 24 hours, SOL seeds have a great germination rate.

Blockheads soaking and germinating on the kitchen sink.

June 11.

June 12.

June 18, two blockheads…

June 19.

June 24.

July 1.

Blockhead male, July 20.

July 31.

August 5.

August 10.

August 16.

August 21.

August 27.

August 28.

August 31.

September 2.

September 10.

September 21.

September 23.

October 1, harvesting Blockheads, this bud has had some trimming done yet, Pete Brady, Cannabis Culture Hotshot, wanted to take pictures like this.

I trimmed the rest of the plant, in the shade.

Blockhead’s off spring.

November 10.

I have not even tried this bud yet, will do so after this report, promise! If it tastes and hits the way it looks, it will be a treat.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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