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Part 2 | Part 3

A visit to the garden of a Spanish cannabis grower.

From now on, I will try to get some more pictures from other growers in Spain, you might start to think I am the only one in Spain having a marihuana garden.
For obvious reasons, I will not show the grower until after the harvest of the garden you will see in this report, the garden was robbed a few times already, this set-up is very well hidden and guarded.

The plant were planted in free soil, all from seeds, the grower does not exactly which is which, unfortunately, but that does not make the plants any less attractive.

As you can see, these plants are huge, compared to my plants in 15 liter pots. These plants were planted in early May, the only addition to the soil was worm manure, so the garden is completely biological. The grower explained that it was a very good grow this year, only 5 males tried to set seed to the garden, the plants you see are the left females, around 30 plants.

Maruska in front of a huge plant, from Scott Blake seeds, was all the grower recalled, this plant will yield way good!

I was in the middle of a wide selection of plants, with very differing shapes, sizes, colors leafs and buds, more than two eyes could catch in a few minutes…

This is a well developing bud of a Scott Blake strain, time will probably tell which one. I hope I will get a go on some of the end product of this variety.

The side branch buds are almost as big as the main bud, they will make a nice set once manicured.

A close up of one of the buds on the last picture, still very white, so it will grow a lot bigger still, I will make sure to find out the weight of this plant from the grower.

These are a few seeds from India, a very elegant Sativa, producing little leafs and a lot of bud, this plant will need a few more weeks than other strains in the garden, makes harvesting a long-lasting and relaxed activity, a plant a day, keeps stress and pressure away.

The branches of this Indian Sativa are covered with small, resinous buds, clearly visible though, because this strain only produces a few fine leafs to do the job. I am going to ask the grower if he has got some seeds left, I would love to grow and breed with this strain.

An unknown strain, clearly producing a lot of in-bud leaves, way different from the strain in the previous picture.

These are some of the cigar shaped buds of this Sativa plant, which is very well developed, I already promised to come back in two weeks, to take pictures of the progression of this garden, I know these cigars will grow into small Zeppelins!

A shot against the sun, to separate the leafs from the bud, so to say. Mouth-watering material, I have made arrangements to do some swapping after we harvested our gardens.

The mystery grower will be unveiled while smoking the end product, not before, but I hope to be able to make more pictures in the following weeks, keeping track of the buds development.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , following his nose.

Free soil for all!!

Part 2 | Part 3

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