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Part 1 | Part 3

As you can imagine, I just had to go back to the garden of the friendly colleague grower, to check out the progress, and the size of all those promising plants and buds.
The garden looked way better now, it was budding, and I mean budding bad…

An overview, with some persons in it, to show you all how huge some of the plants are.

The garden is like a paradise for pot people, note the different shapes and sizes of the buds.

The aroma was overwhelming, after we started to move around between all these lovely female marihuana beauties.

This plant, origin unknown, grows big, tall cigar shape buds.

The crown of Buds, the top is split into two fat buds, with a lot of other buds about the same size on the lower level, this plant will produce some good weight.

“I grow” And you? A shirt with a clear stance, not the grower of this garden, though.

It is my friend Jose, who happens to be a sniffer too.

The only danger in the garden comes from these caterpillars, they avoid the leafs, and just eat the highest buds they can find. It does not do the plant any good. Luckily, there were only a few of these Budderflies-to-be, it is not a real plague, because they are easy to track, the buds turn brown where they do their creepy thing. We squashed the caterpillars, next time, we better drop them in a bottle of vodka, they must be full of THC!

I had a wonderful time, as you can see, even when chasing bold budderfly babies.

This plant made it to a full 4 meters in altitude; it is just a few inches under the roof of the cannabis cage.

The grower knows this is a Shantibaba strain, but the strain map of the garden got lost, so the exact strain is not known.

This plant, which is not in the garden, is called a spontania by the grower, because it came up spontaneously, probably from a seed that was thrown there while rolling a joint of seeded weed around the house. It is an awesome bud producer, as you can see.

This is the main bud, which will be much bigger still, there is no colour in the hairs yet.

Wish I could tell you what it is exactly, but I have to do with: Great fat bud.

Another drooler for you.

This is Indian Sativa, a very fine framed plant, with buds all over, will need more time than the rest of the garden, which is good for the grower. The advantage of growing different strains is the difference in flowering time, so you can manicure a few plants at a time, while the rest finishes off.

Long, tall and Sativa.

Another Sativa strain, the fine shaped leafs give her away.

This a bud from last years harvest in this garden. The bud weighed 70 grams, after having dried for a month. Then, it was put in a tin, sealed with tape, and stored for almost a year.
We weighed it, to see what was left in the end. The scale shows it is now only 33.2 grams, it lost more than 50% in weight. The bud, which was the last remain of last years crop, tasted GREAT, and had a GREAT effect on me, or was it the cannabis tincture we drank after the photo session? I will never know, I do know I had to be driven home, it made my body let me down, I was absolutely wasted. Hope there’s some left for the next shoot, and I know I am going to store some of my buds like this too, to have another blackout next year.

You bet I will be back there soon, with my camera and Rizla’s!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , impressed....

Part 1 | Part 3

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