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Fernanda’s garden. Part 3.

The beauty of a cannabis garden and the ugly visit of criminals.

This is the mystery grower, the one with and behind those huge plants and buds in the chicken cage. She is looking for the same animals that bother me, the destructive caterpillars.

The grower is Fernanda, active in and with cannabis for over 30 years now. Fernanda plans on having a sabbatical, after being on the Spanish and European frontline for so long. She is extending her rural house, to be able to offer a BBB service to cannabists from around the world. BBB stands for Bed, Bud and Breakfast, a unique new initiative, an arrangement will include organic cannabis buds!
That’s why it was such a bummer when I heard that Fernanda’s garden was robbed empty, for the third time! Apparently, she was away, so there was no one on her property, for only a few hours! The robbers must have been watching her and her garden closely, probably the same lazy cowards that ‘harvested’ her crop on previous occasions. I feel so sorry for her, some of the people she is standing up for, cannabis smokers, robbed Spain’s First Lady of Cannabis for the third time. May they fall in pieces!

I will post the pictures of my third visit here anyway, as a tribute to a great grower and a true Lady of Cannabis, I wish I could do more. This is what the bastards got away with:

All this first class marihuana fell into the wrong hands….

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , disgusted about this cannabis related crime!

Part 1 | Part 2

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