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Dutch join forces with the US to battle Dutch drug use!

Will the Netherlands set a worldwide trend for cannabis policies?

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Dutch join forces with the US to battle Dutch drug use!

Postby cannabinol » Mon Aug 01, 2005 11:59 pm

Yes, that's true!

Our Health Minister agreed to work together with the US (=DEA) in their struggle against drugs consumption.
I noticed it a few weeks ago on teletext.

I did not know how to respond, because it causes mixed emotions in me.
I'll explain.

In my view as a smoking, growing and conscious Hollander, I despise the cooperation of my country with the US sleeze in trying to stop us from using drugs. What can we learn from the US?
We can learn how to build and fill huge prisons, and then take that business to the Stock Exchange.
We can learn how we can double cannabis, heroin and amfetamines consumption, if we follow up on the Amercan Way, for the use of these drugs amongst US citizens is more than double than amongst Dutch citizens.
By doing so, it will be easier to make the needed arrests to fill the prisons we already built, like they do in the US.( Saw that on Dutch tv!)
We can learn how to waste more of the taxpayers money to pursue and prosecute those who 'do' drugs, like the US does.
We can all learn how to develop a 'healthy' dose of paranoia, like they gave the people in the US.

The US' way of 'fighting' drugs stinks, and degrades humans to criminals for having or smoking cannabis, or any other drug.
I decided not to come out with the above, I am getting tired of all the shit going on, and all these people having to cope with eating that shit.

I should have come out with the following:

Dutch Health Minister joins forces with US Anti Drugs Unit.

Cannabis entrepreneurs in full support!
(by the Sinsemilla Guerrilla)

Coffeeshopowners, growshopowners, headshopowners and even the Dutch underground growers are happy with the latest decision of Dutch Health Minister Hoogervorst on Drugs Control.
Hoogervorst agreed to work together with the American Anti Drugs Unit (DEA) in order to get a better hold on drugs consumption in the Netherlands.
The Minister is going to spend 350.000 Euros on this program, intended to fight promotion for drugs on the internet and on the streets, in cooperation with the US.

We asked Nol van Schaik, a known cannabis promotor, how he felt about this teaming up of the Dutch Health Department with the US Anti Drugs Unit.
Surprisingly, he reacted very positive to this international initiative:
"I think this is what the Dutch cannabis industry needs right now, after the slump we have been in due to the high price of the Euro for Americans.
UN figures show that cannabis consumption in the US (13%) is more than twice as high than in the Netherlands (6.1%), and they don't even have coffeeshops.

If Hoogervorst is going to do it the American way, and does so successfully, it will mean cannabis consumption in the Netherlands will go up, like in the US.
This will mean better business for all of us in this industry, it could theoratically double our turnovers. This also means we need more underground growers to meet the growing demand, so more Dutch people will make some extra Euros soon, and the growshop sector will have a second boom.
That way, the extra tax transfers from the cannabis industry will cover for expenses made by Hoogervorst throwing money in the bottomless pit created and maintained by the War on Drugs.
All together, I think it is a smart move by Hoogervorst, from now on he can blame the US for having created a drugs problem in the Netherlands."

Wernard Bruining, who opened Amsterdam's first coffeeshop in 1972, also saw the benefits of doing things American style.
"This is the way to get more Dutch people to the coffeeshops", he stated,"if 40 million Americans smoke cannabis, it must be good!"

Minister Hoogervorst will be confronted with these statements as soon as he comes back from his summer holiday. I wonder if this is what he intended to trigger by signing a pact with the US Anti Drugs Unit. -

There, now I did it anyway...

Fuck the DEA.
In Cannabis Fidelis
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Postby d0z3r » Tue Aug 02, 2005 5:11 pm

It's amazing how long the arm of the the DEA can stretch! Damn DEA.

Have you heard the latest events in Vancouver? Marc Emery as been arrested IN CANADA by order of the DEA with an extradition order! Fuckin' unbelievable!

Hope thei're not planning to pull the same in Holland. Watch your asses out there! You never know. :(

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