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This MEGA-Mozaik poster is created from 10.000 Photos...
6000+ User Uploads and 4000 Uploads by Nol van Schaik

Here you see a few steps of zoom towards a deatail-shot...
On the final image in print 72dpi each photo is 2cm wide.

Zooming step 1
Zooming Step 2

Zooming Step 3

Zoom step 4

Since the images of user uploads were used for the creation of this Mega-Mozaik,

You can download this fullsize poster for free...
Rightclick the downloadlink below and choose save file,
to save a copy to your computer.

Download Hempcity_Mozaik_Final_HUGEfin.jpg from
(72 dpi - 8310x6237 pixels - 13.5 Mb JPEG image)

You will be able to have a personal huge mozaik made, of any mage you choose...
For this we are selecting all the images from our database that do not contain human faces or only text.

So... Stay tuned...

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