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Marijuana exempt from smoking ban

Will the Netherlands set a worldwide trend for cannabis policies?

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Marijuana exempt from smoking ban

Postby richardf » Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:19 pm

Marijuana exempt from smoking ban
Wednesday 26 March 2008

The ban on smoking in cafés and restaurants from July 1 will not apply to the smoking of pure marijuana or cannabis, health minister Ab Klink has told MPs.

The ban falls under the tobacco laws and does not apply to tobacco-free products, Klink said.

Replying to questions from the Labour party, the minister confirmed that mixing tobacco with soft drugs in 'coffee shops' (where cannabis products can be bought over the counter) will not be permitted from July 1.

Staff in these coffee shops have the same right as workers in other cafes to a tobacco-free working environment, said Klink.

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