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Peanut Protest

Keep us and yourself updated on the efforts to get cannabis accepted, decriminalised and legalised.

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Peanut Protest

Postby JoKicksButt » Tue Mar 04, 2008 2:35 pm

Hey everyone. I was cruising around the High Times website and found something really cool that I had never thought about.
Aparently a television station had tried to take some show called Jericho, I think, off of the air, and people protested by sending huge amounts of peanuts to the people that decided to take the show off the air. And believe it or not it actually worked, the television station or whatever had nothing to do with so many peanuts and just wanted the influx of peanuts to stop so they put the show back on the air. I'm not an expert on that, never participated in it, watched the show, none of that so I'm sorry if one or two of my facts are wrong.
BUT...my point is, a guy on the site was proposing a protest done the same way to legalize marijuana. On 4:20 everyone would start sending peanuts to The White House with a legalize pot saying on the box. I mean, the chances of it actually getting big enough to make a difference are very slim, and even if it did get huge I still don't see peanuts doing much of anything in getting pot legalized. But I did think it would be a really cool idea and if nothing else make a great story to tell your kids or something.
I figured I'd post it here and let everyone else take it into thier own hands if they please, I know I'm gonna' send some peanuts. Even if I were the only person...I bet the presidents face would be great wondering why he got a box of peanuts! Lol.
Here's the original comment that I read on High Times.

We had a Boston Tea Party, now let’s have a Peanut Protest!


Don’t laugh or mock it, just do it!
EVERYBODY who lights up, EVERYBODY who is tired of the gov’t putting their guns in our faces and taking our lives needs to participate!


On 4-20-08 we start mailing and we keep mailing until they acquiesce!
It’s not expensive, if we can afford the smoke, we can afford the nuts!

Why wait for the puppets at HT or NORML and the host of others who fight more for our money more than our cause? Remember last years TV show, Jericho, which was cancelled? The fans got it renewed by bombarding those who cancelled it with peanuts, after the last line of the last show. What if we mailed millions of bags of peanuts to the white house? Lets freak out some politicians! It’s peaceful, it’s legal and there is not a damn thing they can do about it or, once started, stop, without ending prohibition first! Isn’t it time we did something besides acquiesces to their rules and play the voting game sham?

The rules:

1) Make the 'return' address the same as the 'send to' address. This forces them to deliver because they can't return the package to it's origin. If the white house refuses to accept the peanuts, the post office must contend with it. Which means the white house has to deal with it anyway.

2) Make the package half a pound, no more than one pound. We want lots of packages, not one big one!

3) Write in big letters 'END MJ PROHIBITION!' on the package.

4) Use ONLY the US postal service. Bringing the postal system to a grinding halt will help make the point! No point punishing UPS and the like.

5) Spread this around! Get everyone involved!
6) Ignore any protests of how terrorists can make use of it. Politicians have been ignoring us without concern for our safety. If they force us to live in fear, them let them join us at the table and share in the meal they prepared!
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