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The dictionary of liberty to replace the tyranny dictionary

...and what a policy!
America, land of prohibition and professional prisons. With Canada and Mexico following like children.

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The dictionary of liberty to replace the tyranny dictionary

Postby Virgil » Sat Oct 07, 2006 6:51 pm

What is needed is an entirely new vocabulary. We become wrapped up in words when need to speak of ideals and how wrong it all has gone. This will l be an ongoing work.

America Inc.- Wealthy Rulers and overseers. The organization behind the overthrow of the legitimate government of the United States whose mission statement was outlined in the Constitution which now only exist as illusion.

Blues- Bs. The Democrats, distinquishable from the Rs in that they think it best to find more partners in seeking global domination.

big picture-

broad slavery- the current relationship that Plantation Earth has with its Wealthy Rulers

CIA- secret police of the Wealthy Rulers

Corpocracy- The majority shareholders of America Inc. Wealthy Rulers control the Corpocracy.

dword- Substance. What drug warriors call drugs plus substances like milk directly from the farm and Stevia as sweetener. Used to replace the word "drug" in its propaganda form to mock its overusage and avoid the mind numbing repetition.

Drug- A DEA prohibited substance. Sometimes in less used form a DEA prohibited plant. Meant by drug warriors and their propaganda to arouse a feeling that when transited to the physical world would be like a teacher constantly numbing the back of your hand with a ruler for speaking back. "Drug" t is the word of authority meant to keep a person to suspend thinking, thusly preventing speaking back.

deep slavery- the harsh form that existed in the past where a man could own the work and being of another human being. Imprisonment and ownership by government of a human being and his work employing making criminal acts without a victim.

estate owners - OE - the modern day replacement of antebellum plantation owners. Dominant enablers of the Rs whose money and power makes them the Harlem Globe Trotters over the Ds that must take their beating in the fascist ping pong shows.

global domination- a world where the Wealthy Rulers decides who lives and who dies, who gets tortured for resisting, and the removal of all cannabis, opium poppy, and coca plants from the face of the earth. The maker of true slaves for prison labor and eliminating that pesky thing called wages.

god - the ultimate reality. People that define god as the ultimate reality see the Christians as godless and take it for one of the great inversions of truth in the Master Illusion that the Christians should call them godless.

government- the overseers for the Wealthy Rulers

government workers- house slaves. They like the great paycheck and bennies. Pondering on shopping is more important than pondering on the broad slavery of Plantation Earth.

interest- what the haves receive and the have nots pay

liberty- used because the Preamble called for promoting liberty and because freedom is overly used and is accepted by its hollow use by the Puppet and overseers

ltb - lying treasonous bastards, said mostly because lying treasonous bastards takes a lot of breath and its core meaning is lost with the highly repetitive environment of broad slavery and it saves a lot of typing.

lying treasonous bastards- people that cannot say dword prohibition on television and denounce it as all four cornerstones of the global prison often referred to as broad slavery.

lword- legalize, legalization

Master Illusion- television mush mindset as transmitted throughout a mass media and official policies of

minutaemen- people that raise small points to argue to keep from going big picture. Small minds with expertise in details, much along the the lines of minutemen and their rifles using gunpowder best saved for one good cannan shot.

national defense- protection racket

Overseers- the collective body of elected officials enforced by a militarized police and a nuclear military that buys anything that kills. The nuclear military buys things that kill in large quantities and covet things that kill in quantity.

Plantation Earth (PE)- The world where everyone whose very life depends on its satisfaction with the Wealthy Rulers

political harm reduction- reducing the bad and malicious policies of government such as the broad slavery that comes with the Prohibition of 1914 as Amended

prohibition- the subtractions from true liberty by making things and substances criminally unlawful. Bulk gold is unlawful because the Wealthy Rulers want all of it, except what can be sold for jewelry and industry, and what is need for coinage in commerce.

Policy by mythology- moralization advocating policy or successful moralization that succeeds to become policy. Feeding the enablers of the Christian right.

Prohibition of 1914 as amended- The prohibition laws designed to build a police state so that a blanket fear of government is so universal that the subject matter itself is repressed from discussion. Eliminating competing products from established bottom lines such as prohibiting milk from cows in competition with big milk and Stevia in competition with artificial sweeteners and sugar itself which borders on artificial.

Red and Blue Party- Rs and Bs. All persons who hold office or seek office as an R or D. The people that put on the show. The people that control the media. The once that make the rich boys dance and wear blue suits, with white shirts, and red ties, so that they too are easily replaced and are not peacock enough to any way wave mindless thought. Rs and Ds with the illusion of it all being a show removed. Rs and Ds without trying to make a division of the fascists.

Reds- Rs. Republicans. Different from Bs by desire to dominate the world with an elite American club.

Representation without representation- rwr - Primarily the US Congress that serve the Wealthy Rulers and ignore The Majority and the General Welfare

Secret government- The Wealthy Rulers

substance harm reduction- trying to maximize health wealth by avoiding the negative and optimizing the positive which often show the harms of bad governmental policy. See political harm reduction.

Taxes- Government spending. Often confused with tax collections since that is what is visible. Tax collections plus borrowing is tax. A majority of taxes goes to protection rackets.

thoughtherding- steering all that will follow to a predesired belief chosen by the Wealthy Rulers. Employs the controlled media, the Puppet, and the overseers

The Wind- The Wind of Liberty- The anti-treason army and those in sympathy with it, with or without understanding of The Wind. All those for change where fascism has instituted its bad and malicious policies.

think tanks- places to get talking heads for the controlled media

Wage slave- Someone of modest means that cannot escape paying interest and late payment fees no matter how frugal they are. Characterized by a need to work over 40 hours a week and as many hours as offered trying to get head above water. Someone subjected to economic waterboarding torture. Someone without voice by combination of poverty, neglect, fatigue, fear, rwr, marginalization, and distain.

watch the watch- Iraq is the watch to distract from global domination. Various lies on the substance of cannabis are the watch away from the Prohibition of 1914 as Amended, attacking a defensive position keeps from advocating harm reduction. Advocating harm reduction means not needed to attack the positions set up to defend it.

Victory by List- VbL - A compilation of top 10 Internet links. The results of voting on a submission of top 10 list that lets people build a bookmark set of the most valuable links and serves as a starting point for all to adopt.

WARBT- Shouting "We are ruled by treason" employing economical typing. We are ruled and no longer governed and that when you do the opposite of promoting liberty as by putting people in prison for acts that have no victim sustained by Policy by Mythology, it is treason. The ltb Puppet even says we are a nation ruled by laws where he should be proud to say we are a nation governed by the best laws time can produce. The government that overthrew the government of the Preamble is treason on the surface.

Wealthy Rulers- the hidden indivduals that orchestrate the Red and Blue Party

Zoom out- Back up to a bigger picture.
We are slaves to the corporations and the government is the overseer.
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