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holidaying abroad with a smoker

Comments, questions, info and small talk.Cannabisshop Sativa will be expended by a very smoker friendly bed and breakfast facility in April 2003.

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holidaying abroad with a smoker

Postby needaholiday » Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:08 am

hi, hope i put this in the right place.... i'm new...!!

My partner is a heavy smoker, i don't have a problem with it normally, but its causing us a problem, we need a holiday, i want to go abroad and take my little daughter for some fun family time, but my partner is worried about not being able to get his needs on holiday, can anyone recommend any parts of spain/canaries or balerics that we could go? i know we can go to aamsterdam and we may do this for a break just us a little later this year, but right now i want to have a proper family holiday, and i dont really fancy blackpool again!!!!!
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