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Risky activities.....>nonsence?<

Tell us about your extra-ordinairy smoking experiences, super dooper smoke or smokers.

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Risky activities.....>nonsence?<

Postby » Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:13 pm


In the last time I heard more and more about illegal cannabis cultivation in germany by dutchmans. Which bring the finished product back in the netherlands to sell it there on the illegal market. And than germans buy it and bring it back over the boarder to germany?

Can anyone tell me why this risky activities are done?
And where the sence is?

http://www.ksta.de/html/artikel/1158816287311.shtml (german)
Google will find english reports, too.

Greetz. me
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Postby d0z3r » Tue Jan 09, 2007 6:33 pm

I guess the Netherlands are cracking down on grow-ops more fiercely making it a much riskier activity than it was a few years back. And I'm sure there's not much control on weed coming from Germany to the Netherlands as they usually are more concerned on weed coming to Germany.

This has happened with Switzerland until they started to crack down on large grow-ops there and now they are moving again to the least risky country to grow. This is going to happen until the Netherlanders realize that they HAVE TO regulate the whole sale and production of cannabis to legally supply the coffee-shops. Until then the comercial growers will move around when they feel the heat.

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