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Canna Porn (not nude pics)

Who has a special piece, or knows a spliffing new way to roll a special joint?

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Canna Porn (not nude pics)

Postby AmeriSkunk » Fri Jul 21, 2006 4:25 am

I dont know if Hempcity has ever had a canna porn section, but I think that we need one. I would like for everyone that finds a cool pic of cannabis, hash, anything that is that is cannabis related and doesnt fit in the user gallery, post it here, give a little info on the strain, grow conditions, ect. I was going to do this about a week ago but I'm just now getting used to the BC that I have, its so oily that it taste like hash oil(no joke) on the green hit. Please dont post links to other websites and leave the grower anonymous Here are a few pics of the some of the pretty weed.
This is Blackberry VBS,

I have to edit this and put in the Black Widow/G13 X Vietnam Black,
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