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Kannabis cookies help...

In a joint, spliff, bong, chillum or vaporizer?
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Kannabis cookies help...

Postby KanMan » Sun Oct 16, 2005 6:22 pm

OK here is the story...

Two people one is under a lot of stress (his wife and mother are in the hospital both are very sick). The other person with neck and shoulder pain and nothing helps the pain.

Talk them both in to trying one kannabis cookie each.

The person under a lot of stress was totally shocked how he felt after one and half hours. His comments... The stress melted away, i was happy and awake but not stoned. A few more hours and i went to bed and i have not slept like that in years. I need a supply of those cookies to help me better cope with issues in my life and to get some much needed quality sleep.

The person with neck and shoulder pain that nothing has worked for laughed at us and said i like my booze, i don't want to get high on dope.

Finally he caved in due to the pain and said i will try anything at this point please help me if you can. We gave him one cookie. A few hours later we get a phone call from him. Totally amazed his pain is gone and he did not get high on dope (as he put it). He goes on to say i never believed what you have said for years about kannabis medical qualities until now. Why was this weed ever made illegal in the first place. If it can do so much good where is the compassion for it's use at least in a medical form.
Also wants a personal supply of kannabis cookies now.

Good Kannabis Growing!
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