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Willie Wortel Sinsemilla, the 2001 Harvest Party, part2.

We are the proud owners of ‘Suck 64’, a Huge Hookah with 64 mouthpieces, we will try to get the videofootage of this special smoke online soon, I was lighting the bowl, nobody took pictures, I was supposed to do that too…

Here are the preparations, we filled it with 50 grams of hash and marijuana total!

A game, with a15 gram bag of White Widow as first prize. Each participant was handed 5 carrots, the one who threw most in Bugs’mouth, was the winner.

Gus, one of our Mediweed patients, had a go…

As well as Bart…

But this was the winner, Jared, an Irish lad. All participants had to throw from a chair, to even out with Gus in his wheelchair, fair is fair.

The Prices to be won in the lottery…

The winner of the first prize, being: A weed of Pot, err, a Pot of Weed!

The lungtest event, we do this every year, it works every year. We ask to volunteers for the Lung Content Test, the winner gets ten grams of cannabis of the menu. The Test devices, however, contain Norit powder, black, but harmless for the eyes. Even former victims do not blink, they want the newbies to get it!!

We always hire a couple for a Strippers act, this time we had a special act, messing about with candles and hot wax…

After all this, the crew always cleans up the mess, before we have a little after party…

The end.

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

Copyright by HempCity