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Willie Wortel Sinsemilla.

This is a picture report of our latest Harvest Party, the 2001 version, as it was held in our former location, and under our former name, Willie Wortel Workshop.
The annual Harvest Parties are for our registered members, we used to have about 200 constantly. To show our gratitude for the faithfull visits to our coffeeshop, we organise them a party, with free food, free smoke, special games, a lottery, a stripshow and special smoking devices and techniques.

Willie Wortel’s Harvest Party always have a dress theme, it is not obliged to dress up, but well appreciated, there is a prize for the best dressed Wortel.

The theme for the 2001 Harvest Party was “Gnomes and Fairies”, the company, cannabis and the stripshow were fine, the food was plenty and the spirits were high, enjoy the show!

At the entry, all our members get a free joint, a spacecake, a few raffles for the lottery, and they can have a Grab-in-the-Sawdust-bin, for a small present.

The bar crew of that night, Joan, Jessie and Tamara, the Bar Witches…


Holland, land of tulips and marijuana!

We smoked a fine tulip, with a nice, red-burning flower on top!

Continue to part 2, the action parts: Lottery, games, HUGE Hookah and a Stripshow!


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