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The Willie Wortel Crew gets high on a boat: The Dordtse Weedcup!

Jan Grow, the owner of Growshop Dordrecht, organises an annual cannabis competition on a canal cruise boat, called the Dordtse Weedcup. We went there especially on Ronley’s request, who wanted to experience the steamship event during his week as our guest. For winning the Cannaquiz. We went there with a nice group, Marcel, the all time WWW manager, Eagle Bill, to vaporise the passengers on board, Maarten, our webmaster, Dennis, a regular, Ronley and his friend Steve and myself.

here is Jan, after handing out one of his cups on deck.

We went ‘under steam’ on the scheduled time, the trip took us out of Rotterdam, dunno where to, we came back at the same dock later, stoned to the bone..

We got company from Arthur, the Mountain High Man, and Peter balk, now an ex manager of the Cannabis Cup.

There were to ‘stages’ with music, one below deck 1, and one on the topdeck.

These are the cups it was all about, they were on the topdeck, but the wind was too cold for us to be there, a pity, Jan even had an inflatable swimming pool on hand.

Wernard was asked as the Head Judge, he is very occupied with that highly responsible job here.

These are the entries, a tough job ahead for the Judges, if the first one is Da Bomb, how can you test the rest??

They were at it for 4 hours, all together.

I took pictures of the Judging sheets after they were finished.

In the meanwhile, the WWW crew was getting settled, as you can see by this airshot of our table.

Evert’s Verdamper is filling two bags of vapour at a time…

I had a fair go on the bags, I felt like Pamela Anderson for a moment, squeezing my own boobs…

Eagle Bill activated the Volcano Vaporizer, so we could all have a balloon trip.

Evert, Mr. Verdamper, enjoys and exhales the M-Haze we brought.

We brought enough, I traded it for all kinds of other strains on board.

Eagle Bill brought an excellent piece of Ice-O-Lator hash, which we smoked from his pipe, it gave us the munchies!

No problem, we just picked up some wonderfull food at the buffet, and dug in, to forfill our desire for anything edible.

It was nice to eat good food while listening to relaxed reggae tunes, slowly passing the waterways.

Even the musicians emptied some bags of vapour.

There was an ice hash making demo going on all the time, the results were shared and smoked.

Jos Nijsten, the Belgian reporter, switched from a hemplollipop to a bag of vapour.

Maarten fills his lungs with a mixture of M-Haze a nd Powerplant.

Of course I intercepted the bag every once and a while, to stay on the highest possible level.

It was quite assuring to see the Police boat, to protect us from pirates, who might rob us from our marijuana…

Ronley was puffin away on his little pocket pipe, he was all over the boat, enjoying himself extremely well, he was interviewed, gave autographs and was introduced to all people on board, as the Smartest Cannabist in the world.

He neded up in a complete daze, after smoking almost every strain we could lay our hands on.

I sqeezed some more THC in to my system.

We checked out all we smoked thoroughly!

In the end, KC Brains won the overall Cup, with his Haze Special, Da Bomb!

We almost starved on the way back, everything edible on board was finished, the first place we hit was a gas station, to get some sweets, after a day of inhaling weeds at Jan’s event, it was great!! It will be there next year too! http://home.wanadoo.nl/jangrow/index.htm 

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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