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Maruska and Nol smoke up in Spain.

This report is from 2000, a weeks holiday on Gran Canaria, the biggest island of the Canarian Islands, off the Moroccan shore, but Spanish soil.

We ended up in one of these bungalows, all around a swimming pool, with private roof terraces to sunbath in the nude, with a joint.

This is what we ‘found’ on our way, a nice piece of netherhash and a big bud of Powerplant.

Maruska started rolling a welcome to Spain joint for us.

We could smoke up on out veranda, not bothered by the other guests, they must have noticed, but nobody seemed to mind.

We started to destroy the dope at once.

We started to turn red after a day in the sun, it was hot out there, we loved it.

We enjoyed the food, as usual, available around the clock, and everywhere, with fresh juices.

We rented a motorbike for a few days, and drove all around the island, and sat down on quiet places to roll up and smoke one.

We stashed our cannabis near our bungalow, and brought some to smoke when we were out.

Netherhash and Powerplant, we smoked it in a gentle breeze.

We got stoned all right, but we were not in a rush, so we just laid back and relaxed.

Too bad it was only a week, but we enjoyed it in full, we managed to smoke all we found, with a lot of others, no pictures of them they do not live in Holland, the land of the free.

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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