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Eliott, the Spanish Ganja Guerrilla, shows us his outdoor grow set ups.

This is Eliott, showing me around on his terrace, where he is growing out 21 different strains!
I was introduced to him by Jose Molina, the man who knows weed and their growers…
Eliott did not have any objections to us making pictures of his complete set up on two terraces around his apartment. Cannabis Culture’s photographer and –journalist Pete Brady, in Spain to cover the Spanish cannabis situation, was already shooting pictures on the other terrace.

I do not have the names of all his strains, but I will try to get them when I take pictures of his dried buds. This, by the way, is Chronic. Looks like a sugarloaf.


I do not know the name, but man, what a colour in this beauty!!

This is Purple Haze plant, manipulated to grow horizontal. Look at the buds and leafs, they have all turned towards the sun, smart plant!

A Purple Haze bud.

Purple Tops, a very strange plant, with a lot of yellow leafs, but a very healthy looking bud sticking out.

Super Silver Haze.

Terrace 1, taken from the roof.

The horizontal Purple Haze from the roof, looks like a full bed of flowers.

Terrace 2, the plants have to be moved into the sun around noon, when they get into the shadow.

Sensi Star.

After having taken a lot of pictures on Eliott’s terraces, we went to his first Guerrilla grow, in a very rugged part of Spain, he had to supply me with a pair of his sneakers first, I was on my slippers! I was the last to go up in the company of five, Eliott, Jose, Pato, a friend of Eliott’s, Pete Brady and myself, of course. That does not mean I was slow, I had to take these pictures to show you how much effort a Spanish grower has to put into his secret garden(s)!

The location of the garden was not easy to reach, necessary to prevent bush-robbers to find the valuable plants, to harvest them before the dedicated grower.

We kept on climbing, I thought we were going to need oxygen soon, but then I saw Eliott and the others take a right turn, followed a desperate cry by Eliott.

Eliott had cried because his giant Purple Haze was robbed of her major buds, leaving him the remains, a stick and some minor branches. Eliott was devastated by the sight of it.

It got worse, two other plants, a bit further up the mountain slope, were also undone of the major buds, by lazy, sneaky, lowlife ‘ladrones’, as they call thieves and robbers in Spain.

Eliott was close to crying, he managed to control himself, but he was just completely dazed by the events.

This is a small bud of one of the robbed plants, it was ready to be harvested, we came for that! One can imagine that Eliot and Pato, who had been watering the plants for months, with buckets, as often as they could, were first very sad and the very mad.
They estimate they lost about two pounds of good bud to the human insects that picked the fruits of their hard labour.

We harvested the remains of the plants, Pato started picking of the big leafs, before the branches were rolled in newspapers, for transport.

Jose nicked my scissors, so I was again destined to take the pictures. You can see where the bud-robbers broke of the big cola’s of this plant.

This bag contains the total yield of the three huge plants, I had seen pictures on Eliott’s cam-phone, just before we took off to the mountain garden, the major bud of the Purple Haze was a huge cone. I hope the bud-snatchers cough a lot when they smoke the buds, I am sure they cannot wait to dry it properly.

After the ‘harvest’, we had lunch in the shadow, Eliott had brought some nice sandwiches and cool water, Jose had brought some good hash. We left a bit shocked by the cannacrime, but there was nothing we could do about it, life sucks, sometimes.

The next day, Eliott took Pete and me to another one of his secret gardens, he sure knows to pick his spots, now we had to follow a small creek through the cane and bush. This place had sufficient water, it was running right along the garden, said Eliott.

It was another deception for Eliott, here you see the only plant left, pushed over by yet another robber, who stole a complete plant, a Legends Ultimate Indica, and pushed over the other. Eliott had already harvested two plants on this spot, a few days earlier. We found the plants label and some ripped off branches on the way up, the thief must have just grabbed the plant and left, but not before he/she knocked over the other plant, strange indeed, Watson!

We set the plant back up again, it was huge, but far from being ready, unlike the LUI, which was….gone.

Eliott asked me to follow him, further down the little creek. There were another three plants, left untouched, but not yet ready to harvest. It was a relief the probably single thief had not searched any longer, after he/she discovered the first garden.

Good material, needs another two weeks to really ripen.

One of the plants was called Hiffa, a plant that produces long, shiny buds.

Eliott was at this spot first, logically, he found them first. I am telling this, because I could here him cry out, of joy, this time, when he found this big garden unbothered by thieves
We had to climb up a hill with a lot of thorns to get a good overview. Eliott is grinning of joy, and obviously looking forward to the harvest.

The plants are huge in this well-chosen grove, but there was a lack of water, there always seem to be a problem growing in the big outdoors. A little creek that ran right by this garden just dried out, it was well over 40 degrees in the area this summer.

The biggest and widest plant of this guerrilla grow was the giant Yumbol plant, clearly Eliott’s favourite.

This is a Yumbol bud, looks like this plant will yield a big quantity of first class Sinsemilla.

One of the Sativa’s in this garden, making long white buds, has a little time to go still.

Haze in the same garden.

I do not know the name. But this plant is huge, and really full of buds.

I think Eliott and his plants deserve a BIG UP from all of us, not for ‘just’ growing weed, but for being one of the most dedicated growers I have ever met. Besides these places, Eliott was growing three more gardens, with friends, but they did not want us to come take pictures, which I can understand. I wish Eliott and his co-growers many happy harvests for the future, and I can only express my disgust for those who stole someone else’s plants. Grow your own!

I will be back with pictures of Eliott’s dried buds soon, hope I can shoot straight then, I want to try them all!! Eliott has about 32 strains, all together…

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , hiking and climbing to get good shots.

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