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Malaga report

We are still wandering through Spain, visiting places that reek after marihuana, and people who cause that celebrated smell.

The first place we found, by consulting Yerba magazine, was Sinsemilla Street, not exactly a ‘calle’, as a street is named in Spain, but a grow- and headshop, in Calle Dos Arceros, just outside Malaga’s busy city-center.
We were welcomed by the two owners of the shop, David and Antonio, and licked by the shop-dog, Keka, a well known dog in Malaga, his presence on the sidewalk means the shop is open, and he is displayed in their advertisements.

We were invited to the loft, to smoke a welcome joint, rolled up with local weed, the so-called Marihuana Malaguena.

Not the best possible picture, we only had dim lighting, but there was nothing wrong with the bud, it tasted skunky, and it gave us a pleasant high.

Maruska, who became instant friends with Keka, and Antonio, on the loft of Sinsemilla Street.

David, Antonio’s partner, serving a customer at the counter.

The Sinsemilla Street people supplied us the addresses to other marihuana strongholds in Malaga, we need up in growshop Grow Sur, just around the corner, where I discovered a lot of our Willie Wortel stickers, stuck all over the displays in the big shop.

I had the feeling I might meet somebody I had met before….

That feeling was right, after we were invited to sit down to roll a joint, the owner of the shop came in from his office, Jose ‘Pepe’ Molinas was as surprised by this unexpected encounter as we were, Jose had visited us in Haarlem, during a stay at the Cannabis Cup. Jose is a full story-book, that story will be told in a special report about him and his activities, available soon…

Jose advised us to go and visit ARSECA, the local cannabis activism movement, to check out the Club, where people meet up to smoke and share joints on regular days. We followed his directions, and ended up in a nice little smoking area, with a small bar, but with tapas, the Spanish version of having a snack at any time.

This is Fernanda, co-founder and spokesperson of Arseca, during a manifestation for cannabis legalization in Malaga center, more about that in a later, extensive report.

Maruska, having a smoke and a chat with Lulu, at the bar in the Arseca members area, only ‘socio’s del club can visit and enjoy the various herbs.

An Arseca Bud, grown by Fernanda, under the warm Spanish sun, completely biological marihuana.

I could freely enjoy my personal hobby in the Arseca Club: Rolling and smoking joints!

This was the result of meeting up with Jose and a green friend, I was the proud owner of three different kinds if kind bud, Marihuana Malaguena, I did not even have to go look for it, presents from fellow growers in Spain!

This is Chronic, grown in Spain, so far, my favorite of the 7 different buds I smoked here. I hope I will enjoy more of this….
More details on Spanish bud will follow in a special report, I will have to test some more first…

By a tanned Sinsemilla Guerrilla , baked, not burned!

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