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Malaga: Marihuana Manifestation.

No matter how much tolerance the Spanish government already displays towards the use of cannabis, the Spanish smokers and growers want a clear and regulated cannabis policy, not a grey area, like in many European countries.

You do not get any rights, as a cannabis consumer, you have to stand up for your right to be able to consume cannabis freely, so Arseca, the Malaga cannabis legalization organization, stood up and let themselves be heard, seen and smelled on April 12, 2003.

The Manifestation for Cannabis Legalisation was the conclusion of the “ 5 Days of Struggle against Prohibition”. Arseca had an exposition about their activities, compiled by Loulou Soriano, an Arseca Fieldworker, Fernanda, spokesperson of Arseca, was involved in a debate with local councilors about the current Drug Policy and possible alternatives on Thursday, April 10, 2003.
Funny, some of the politicians came up to the Arseca homebase, where they gladly excepted Fernanda’s kind buds, and rolled fatty’s with it, which we smoked in perfect brotherhood!

Maruska and me arrived early on the day of the Manifestation, we witnessed the last preparations, before we drove off the the Plaza de la Marina in Malaga, where the event was staged.

The Material for the Arseca stand at the event, the leafs were made by the members, the evening before.

Besides the leafs and leaflets, we loaded a lot of drinks and food, we picked up some huge lumps of ice on the way to the Manifestation.

As soon as Fernanda spotted us, she reached in to her bag, to bring out an old cigar tin, full of sticky buds, she handed some to us with the police officers right behind me, what else could I do then accept them?

Fernanda spoke words of wisdom during her opening speech, in a wonderful setting, a warm protest against the prohibition of marihuana!

The Arseca crew, looking around for the best place to put their table, the ice is meant to cool the drinks they brought.

As you can see, there was a great turn up, people from all walks of life, I smoked joints with a lawyer, journalists, engineers, hippies, construction-workers and cannabis growers, there may have been a hash-dealer amongst them too.

Let there be music, and there was a lot, this is Dum Dum, driving up the rhythm for an enlightened crowd, producing a mixture of hash- and marihuana smells on the beautiful square, the police-officers did not bother anybody.

I am used to rolling joints on a table, or at least at something stable, it took me some time to get used to rolling in the ‘wild’ again, but I managed.

Pepe Molina from growshop Grow Sur (Grow South) and his crew were holding up their banners, they eventually dropped them, they had to roll joints!

This is a well known group from Malaga, Tabletom, the singer, Rockberto, is a freaky character, but a great guy with real good lyrics.

Fernanda, rolling a joint between obligations on the stage.

Maruska lights a joint, she is the rolling wonder, she is able to supply a small group with joints for long periods….

Fernanda makes another statement, while she is being filmed by her daughter.

The last group to perform was Tantatrampa Batacuda, a huge percussion group, compiled of Arseca members and close friends, they sure made the crowd move their butts and all other body parts, they made the ground tremble!

The leafs were spread all over the flowerbeds on the square, speaking their message. The police told Fernanda it had to stop at 4 o’clock, not for the smoking, but for the noise we seemed to be making. We partied on until half past four, smoking and enjoying the sunshine, after that, the crowd split up in smaller groups, who went to the next place to smoke some more.

It was a nice experience all together, which shows that you can smoke freely in Spain, as long as you bring a lot of friends….
One of the people I smoked with was ‘robbed’ of his freshly bought chunk of hash (20grams) on the way home, when he was stopped in traffic by the Guardia Civil, showing the demand for a straight policy is not in vain!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , seen it, smelled it, loved it! (Would do it again any time!)

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