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Visiting The Hemphouse (het Hennephuis) in Apeldoorn:
Home of Santa Maria.

It was about time we paid a visit to the Hennephuis, owned and run by Rein and Maureen, a very sympathetic couple, who happen to produce price winning bud and Ice Hash, from their favorite strain: Santa Maria. The origin of this strain lies in Brasil, where the bud is being used in the ritual sessions of the Santa Daimo church.
Rein and Maureen have won several prices with this sweet, headstrong strain, over the last couple of years.

They won the first price in the Hash division of the Haarlem Hash & Weed Festival in 2002, hosted and organized by Potfather Wernard and me. Their entry: Santa Maria Ice hash, baptized Extreme Dutch Power.

The same hash came third in the Ice hash division of the 2002 Highlife Cup.

They won first price in the 2004 Highlife Cup with Santa Maria bud.
The Extreme Dutch Power Hash is stashed behind the 2004 trophy.

And they took third price in the hydro division of this years Highlife Cup. This shows their Santa Maria bud and the Ice extracted from their strain is always up there with the winners! I like winners, so we’ll have this strain on our menu within days!

The shop is small, but the expertise offered by Rein and Maureen is huge, like the warehouse behind the shop. This place is not just a growshop, the visitors come for the complete package the Hennephuis offers: Knowledge, Service and Friendliness.

The display containing the shops trophies and a selection of their goods.

This is a Santa Maria bud, dense, sweet, resinous and very potent. It is a real juicy smoke, with an intense high. Smells like candy!

Here is the same bud, now surrounded by pressed rolls of Santa Maria Ice hash. The rolls were pressed with a Piecemaker, not my choice for pressing Ice, but it sure makes a nice picture.

This is a great picture of Maureen holding up a king size, prize-winning Santa Maria Super Cola.

This is Rein, behind Maureen for 100 %, as you can see. Their prize winning products are loosely spread in the front.

This is Santa Maria Ice, double pressed, causing it to color darker.

Another SM Ice variety, loosely pressed, and very light coloured.

This is the inside of one of the rolls, of which I bought a few for the Indica. The bud will follow soon, keep an eye on our menus!

Nice shot….

We like the Hemphouse and their owners, they are real people who love what they do.
This place might not be the obvious to visit, but if you happen to be around Apeldoorn, go give the Santa Maria a try in the Hennephuis!


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