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Wernard and Nol visit the 2002 Cannabusiness in Germany.

I had to leave early, and pick up Wernard at his home, before we were on our way to the 2002 Cannabusiness in Castrop-Rauxel, in Germany. I had visited this annual convention before, even participated in the first one organised. I wanted to promote the GanjaGrinda, and Wernard wanted to meet some people for his coffeeshop promotion cards and booklets, so we decided to go together.

I took a look in Wernard’s garden, he already harvested the Viking and Purple plants that were in the same garden. The Citral, however, was still flowering, and a bout a week from harvesting. This plant, Wernard’s favourite strain, is huge, as you can see on the next pic.

Two amateur gardeners having a chat about Citral, a long flowering strain from Wernard’s Positronics seedbank, he has the seeds on stock.
We had a cup of coffee and a joint, before we went on our way, but I did not inhale, I had to drive…

Most of the stand on the trade fair were wholesalers in grow materials, with the Pipes and Bongs Traders coming second. There was nothing real surprising there, but it is always nice to meet all the people you only see during and at these events.

This was the first thing you see when you enter the Cannabusiness, but it did not have much impact, my Powerplant joints had!!

Wernard had a chat with Boy Ramsahai, the publisher of both Highlife magazine and the Soft Secrets Cannapaper.

Soft Secrets is now available in Dutch, English, French and German, it was always the most useful magazine for Dutch growers and entrepreneurs. The newspaper clippings in the back are all about how growers are busted, which mistakes led to the bust and other mistakes to NOT make yourself.

Boris, the editor of Heads magazine, tried on our Wooden Shoe Ashtrays, he could even walk in them! These ashtrays are made in ceramic, he said they fitted, but it felt far from comfortable.

A wall of bongs, by Udopea.

Wernard and Cees, from No Mercy, they are always in discussion about genetics and nutrition, I sat down and rolled a joint.

Hardly any huge buds around, but a giant leaf kept popping up…

The Kermith, an electrical cannabis plant clipper, it seems to do a proper job, and it sucks up the leafs in a bag, handy.

Hanfzeit grows their own hemp crops, to be able to produce their own line of products from the fibre and the seeds. They buy their seeds from the German government, they automatically turn hermaphrodite, so it will not yield smokeable hemp.

A big barrel of buds, available to squeeze and smell, but not to smoke, as I can tell!

We filled and smoked a cone with Arthur, in the Mountain High stand, before we headed back to Holland, where one can smoke in total peace.

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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