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What makes Spain the paradise it is to us….

In case people keep wondering why we like Spain better than Holland, we would like to give you an impression of what life in Spain is all about for us.
We still ask ourselves what it is that makes us want to stay here, could it be the climate, the food, the beaches, or…..

might it be because we get precious gifts of bud all the time, like this one, from Antonio, from Sinsemilla Street.

Like this sparkling little bud that we got handed by Sergio, a GrowSur staff member.

It could be because we found a great place to live, in the middle of nowhere, but with a nice swimming pool, we decided to rent this one first, before we go looking for the definite place to settle.

The great view from our hammock adds to the value of this location, Maruska enjoys the last sunbeams of the day, we just came home from the beach….

It is even great fun after dark here!

We tested a small portable BBQ for the location of the device, it burned great, just like the joint I rolled for after the meal.

This is the BBQ I built from local material, the bricks and rocks were all on our ‘estate’, I just bought a big solid grill rack. Jose was one of our guests on the house warming BBQ, he insisted on supplying the prawns, as an opener. As you can see, Jose is a sharp dresser, great shirt !

I grilled the meat later, but got baked myself by all the joints I got handed, the guests made sure the host was kept on the proper level. Nobody made pics of us all eating and smoking, because we were all eating and smoking!

The cakes, donated by Breeder Steve, were presented by Jose, who was eager to cut and eat them. Fernanda also shows interest from the background.

After the BBQ, Jose, Allison and Sergio picking raspberries, for an extra dessert.

We have loads of raspberries in our garden, Maruska makes suer she gets the ripe ones in every day.

Isn’t this sweet?

We even get nice things in the mail here, from anonymous friends, hehe…

Haze Ice enriched with Haze Ice hash-oil, what a treat!

Loads of babes in bikini too, Maruska and Lulu on their way to the pool for a dip.

I was forced to do a blowjob, you can see I did it under pressure!

This is Pablo, having a puff on a pipe with Ice Haze Special. Part1

Ooops, he took a huge toke…

He manages to exhale pretty well, before the coughing started.

We were sent a Yerba magazine, full of budshots and such, as you can see!


A scratch and smell stunt by Yerba, it turned out to be Sticky Fingers.

We have a nice selection of hash and bud on hand, another good reason to stay in Spain, I guess, we have not been dry yet!
Clockwise, from the smallest piece: the last bit of Haze Ice Special, Afgan/Maroc (Afgani genetics, grown and harvested in Morocco), Powerplant Ice Special, Powerplant Ice and Sticky Fingers, all in the mix on the little plate.

Afgan/Maroc, a very good and clean hash, soft and sticky, like bubblegum.

This is a nice mix, it looks like dynamite.

The joint came out a bit bent, but that did not bother us at all.

I smoked it in the company of my seedlings, they will end up like this too, up in smoke.

This is what we see at the end of each day, before we fall asleep, stoned to the bone!

Can you imagine we love to live here, on our mountain top?

We can, we are…

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , from Casa Maria Libre.

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