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Yerba magazine’s 2nd Anniversary.

Happy birthday to Yerba!

Yerba, Spain’s youngest, but strongest cannabis magazine, recently celebrated their 2nd Anniversary, not that they threw a party, but they are in the cannabusiness for two years now.
I am honoured to be partially portrayed in their 24th issue, the first part of my cannagraphy is in the previous number. Yerba also became independent from High Times with this issue, Yerba is a pure Spanish magazine now, which does not mean they ignore the news from over the big pond, on the contrary, they follow and publish all international developments closely.

Congratulations, Yerba, for informing us monthly about the cannabis culture in the world, and in Spain in particular. Happy birthday, and many more harvests and harvest reports to come! (I hope you do throw a party next year!!)

The big little man behind Yerba is Luis ‘Wismy’ Ruiz, the director of Yerba magazine. He is checking up with his number 1 assistant, graphic designer Gonzalo, in their office at the Megamultimedia concern, where the whole magazine is composed and printed, before being sent out to the readers. Congratulations on doing a great job, high quality!

Of course, I also congratulate all these precious people, the workers in the cannabisfields, so to speak, the reporters, contributors, photographers, printers and all others that help make Yerba being one of the finest cannabis magazines I have encountered.

Here are Dr.Cogollo’s congratulations for Yerba, we toasted to Yerba’s 2nd anniversary during a visit to Rafael’s grow and headshop in Valencia. It was a stiff drink, the intentions behind the toast were as warm as the liquid: Mucho mas Yerba en el futuro!

Wismy at work, promoting la Yerba.

Wismy in the Spanish outdoors, studying a flowering cactus, wondering if it has any psychoactive substances inside?

Wismy smoking a self made lemon pipe, he checks everything out, tough job.

Wismy on the job, covering the ACOGROS meeting, the gathering of Spain’s growshop owners.

Jose Molina, a Yerba clan member, informed me that Wismy would come along with the people of Cannabis Indoor, who wanted to interview me for their next project, a DVD covering the cannabis culture in Europe. We decided to use this possibility to have a small celebration for Wismy, as the director of the birthday mag. We set up a nice display of my harvest, with some goodies that were added by the visitors, to be able to spoil Wismy a bit, cannabiswise.

This is the first edition of the Spanish Cannabis Indoor video, I have been told I am in it, I will watch it soon. Their cyber department: www.cannabisindoor.com

We rolled the birthday boy two joints, one with marihuana, and one with hash, Wismy chose the marihuana to start with, Pegu lit his cone, as soon as he arrived.

Wismy’s birthday joints, he started with a joint of Old Ed.

Wismy had to pose for the Cannabis Indoor people, with some dry old ladies…

Wismy and Jose have a chat, about cannabis, of course.

May we all enjoy your Wismydom for years to come. Keep Yerba, green, lean and mean!]

Yerba, covered with resin…. www.megamultimedia.com/yerba 

Congratulations to:  

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , always in for a pot party…

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