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Growroom 4

This growroom is completely automated, although the plans are grown in soil.
The plant is M-Haze, s Haarlem strain, carefully kept my M, who has a lot original genetics about, all in live motherplants, like Big Bud, Sticky Fingers and Shiva Gold.

everything in this room is taken care of by the computer: nutrition, humidity, temperature and the ventilation system.

This is the brain for this growroom.

The nutrition is pumped up by the computer, in the proper quantities.

This is the barrel with the complete mix, it is stirred, not shaken!

EC (nutritional value) on the left, PH on the right.

It works, as you can see here, the buds have the size of a Nokia handheld computer phone!

Buds as big as a lemonade bottle.

Ain’t she sweet, when she grows me all that weed…

It was cold in the growroom at night, but the computer directed heaters took care of that, besides adding Co2 to the atmosphere.

A good filter system to prevent the neighbours from being alerted.

If everything works as planned and programmed, like in this professional set up, this will be the result of your efforts, well cured buds, to enhance your state of mind.

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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