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Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla underwent mayor make over!

It just was not it, Sinsemilla coffeeshop, I mean.
The Willie Wortel Workshop was evicted from their original building in 2001, so they were forced to find another place, fast, in order to keep their license to sell cannabis.
The only available place was a disco around the corner, which was not ideal, because it was not on street level, but on the first floor above a big computer outlet. They had no alternative, bound by city restrictions for coffeeshop locations, so WWW bought the business for a high price. They could and can not afford to buy the building, nor do they get a mortgage to do so, coffeeshops are not really accepted as business clients for banks and such.
They only had two weeks to make the dark disco look like a coffeeshop, but they managed to do so, and moved in.

They wanted it to really look like a coffeeshop, not like a former disco where one can buy cannabis.

This is Wilie Wortel, as this Disney inventor is being called in Dutch.
They can not use this inventive stork as our logo, for obvious reasons, so they use a carrot (Wortel) instead.

This is the second part of the short comic, THC carrots win first price!

Nol especially hated the long bar, which he never found really inviting to sit on. Nol decided to make a shorter bar, with more workroom behind it. He went for ‘a quarter of an octagon’ design.
The shop has never been closed for a day, since its opening in 1991, so Nol just started making a new bar in the shop, plenty of room for that. Nol usually does the designing, planning and carpentry, others are being hired to do the rest of the technical part, after which Maruska does the decorating.

This is the old style Sinsemilla, with the parts of the new bar in the background.

Dennis and Ronald do most of the finishing and painting, they do not mind to work during the nights, so the visitors will not be stunk out by paint odors.

A view on the long tall bar, with the mirrors on the wall.

Another night job, Dennis and Nol took the mirrors of the wall, a dangerous job, but somebody had to do it…

Removing the mirrors was easier than they had anticipated, so they could finish the wall the same night.

Marcel gave it a first coating the next morning.

In the meanwhile, Ferry started to take the bar apart, leaving the function intact.

They removed the old bar the next night, here’s Dennis, part of the wrecking crew.

The bar is gone, only some rubble left…

After that, they placed the three parts of the bar.

All in a night’s job…

Jan, Maruska’s father and Willie Wortel’s electric expert, connected the wiring he had already installed in the bar parts.

Rein, the pot smoking plumber, installs the plumbing, of course. The bar was operational at noon, when they had the espresso machine up and running again.

Ronald started to spray paint the bar in a lot of colors.

Setting up a rainbow…

Halfway down a rainbow…

Ronald, in and behind his self created rainbow.

Bright and shiny.

After finishing the bar, Nol installed these seats, first class seats from a German train wagon, a treat for the butt!

This king size picture was glued on the wall, they already had it in the Global Hemp Museum, where there was no room to put it up.

The picture displays an underground growroom in Prague, 1997. After Nol framed it, Maruska started decorating it.

Nol also made a sitting bar in front of the large windows, so people can have a nice view on the square in front of the shop.

Four new internet stations were installed by CoolZero.

Maruska paints ass….

This will be the base of our new cannabis counter. Nol found this hand made, solid wood counter on the net.

The result of Maruska’s paint brushes.

This piece is called: “No finish”

Hans and Nol were installing things in the new dealer area…

…at the same time Maruska was clearing out the old dealer area.

Nol just went out to get some materials, for half an hour, when he came back in, the dealer bar was gone.

Maruska started to decorate the corner, which was planned to be a sitting area.

Maruska just got going, she did not use a wire to make a circle first, like others would do.

She only used two little brushes and two days for this.


Nol and Maruska bought these leather poufs in Spain.

Dennis gave the platform a new layer of paint during the night.

The lower floor part was due for fresh paint as well, Ronald, Milco and Dennis did the job.

Rolling on paint while smoking a joint.

The quick drying paint makes it possible to open as usual the next morning, we just had to wait for enough ‘volunteers’ to get the pool tables back in place.

Business as usual, in a fresh new setting.

The next morning they had to get the oriental corner done, because Sinsemilla had visitors coming: Gypsy Nirvana and the participants in the 4:20 Cup 2005.

They made it in time, Nol and Maruska had prepared and collected all the decoration in advance.

The 4:20 Cup Crew came with 50 people, which filled up the new corner fast.

Shiny happy people…

Nol filling the bowl of the Gang Bong, which was a blast to the visitors.

This is how the Sinsemilla looks now, in two shots…

Looks neat, huh?

I hope you come and spoil your behinds one day, in the first class smokers seats!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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