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The Gang Bong: The 4 barrel brain blaster!

This is the Gang Bong, the latest multiple mouthpiece bong on the market. They are for sale at Mila’s Pollinator Company, where I purchased this beauty. Before we started it, we changed the standard bowl for a bigger version, that will hold more material.

The mouthpieces are well shaped, just put your lips in and suck hard!

Dennis fills the huge chamber with cool water.

I filled the bowl, it will hold a gram of grinded bud.

The first four peeps have a go on the GB, on a count of three, all four have to suck at the same time.

Amnesia Haze in the bowl.

Even after one or two of the gang of four let go of their mouthpiece, there is still sufficient rich smoke available in the chamber, those who want it, can just inhale it.

The second group sucking up loads of smoke!

The second gang exhales, still plenty of smoke left in the GB. I inhaled that bit…

4 smoking barrels…

A shot from above, 4 heads united by smoke.

This looks like a genuine whirlpool!

This is the bowl after 12 peeps smoked on the Gang Bong.

This is the bowl after I cleansed it.

The Gang Bong reloaded, awaiting the next 4 suckers…


The device works as it should, although the standard bowl will not hold enough for 4 grown up smokers, the bigger one did.

We need a better screen in the bowl, like the special spoon screens that Roor supplies, time to order them. After a few hits, I noticed a lot of material in the water, caused by intense suction and a poor screen.

We need a better device to light the Gang Bong, a plain light is not enough, the heavy suction causes the flame to extinguish. A small torch will be ordered too.

Besides these two minor flaws, I would say we have a great new bong in the house!

You can come and try it by the fours of you!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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