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 More special goodies on the Hempcity Menu!

This year holds a lot of promises, if things keep going like they do now, our menu will be bigger than any year before. Today, I was offered two totally cool, new hashes, and the goods I ordered yesterday came in. I hope you like the next compilation, I know I do.

This is Malana Supreme, a class better and higher than Malana cream. It is wrapped in the shape of fat strings, probably to make it easier to hide.

This is all we could buy, the supplier delivers to 5 shops, each gets its fair share of his merchandise. I laid the pen next to it to give you an impression of the size.

This is the hash, golden brown, hand rubbed resin.
Only available in WW Sativa.

This is Maroc Skuff. This hash is pollinated in Morocco, instead of being beaten above a sieve, the difference is clear, as the next shot will show.

This is soft, smooth resin, with an incredible smell and taste.
Only available in WW Sativa.

The Haze Jelly came in, black as tar, but as elastic as clay.

It bubbles…..

The Shiva Ice, grey as it should be, after breaking the slate.

This one bubbles well too, hard to take good pictures, the flame of the lighter blurs the focus.

PowerPlant Ice, in 100 gram slates, will show some bubble on video soon.

Malana Supreme and Moroccan Skuff.

Keep track of our menu reports, we will keep posting them!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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