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Yerba Magazine, the Spanish advocate for marihuana freedom.

Through Jose, who is a contributor to Yerba magazine, I got in touch with Luis ‘Wismy’ Ruiz, the director of Yerba, during a great meal of lamb we had some months ago.
After that, I met Wismy on several other hash-happenings in the area, not only is he Yerba’s director, he is also a devoted cannabist, who wants to be where things happen, while cannabis is consumed.
Yerba is very helpful to the cannabis-cause, all cannabis-related events in Spain get free advertisement space, and, good coverage afterwards, which ensures the organisers of good turn-ups and an article in Yerba.

The rolling hands on the left belong to Wismy, he and Pegu (right) were rolling up an after-dinner joint, under the table, after a great lamb and vegetables meal.

Wismy, Jose and me in the Yerba warehouse, where I was offered all cannabis-related books from Mega Multi Media, the company that produces Yerba and other great marihuana publications.
Yerba has a very complete set-up, in a huge industrial building on the outskirts of Malaga, they are fully independent, which makes them quite effective, compared to other cannabis magazines I know.

This is where the copy for Yerba gets in, Wismy’s office, where he works together with Gonzo, his art-director and an experienced grower.

Maruska, Jose and Wismy in the editing room, where the pages for Yerba are compiled and checked. Wismy showed us around the compound, in the follow up that a novelty would make, before it was offered to read in a printed version of Yerba magazine.

These are Yerba’s printing machines, an impressive line-up.

Yerba being printed, to fast to follow with the bare eye…

After that, the magazines end up in the distribution centre, where these Yerba ladies make sure they all get packed and labelled, before being loaded into the trucks that carry the mags to their outlets. Yerba magazine does not leave this very functional building until it is fully ready, it comes in in bits and pieces, it goes out as a glossy cannabis chronicle!

Yerba also makes house-calls, they visited us a week ago, to talk about the current situation in Spain, concerning medical and recreational consumption of cannabis, and more interesting topics, I learn a lot about the Spanish customs and Law this way.

Of course, we had a look at our garden, which received the approval of the visitors.

Goyo, taking pictures of the garden, and Jose, holding up one of the Northern Light clones he gave me. I know Goyo for many years already, as he came over to Holland to take pictures of my museum and coffeeshops, when he was there to ‘shoot’ the Cannabis Cup.

Wismy manufactured the lemon-pipe that Jose is smoking, he told me he would bring a melon to smoke on for the next visit, next week, when I will be interviewed for Yerba magazine. Wismy likes to smoke on all sorts of fruit, we’ll see what the rest of the summer brings, cannabis with vitamins?

The Yerba promotion team in action.

Wismy sucking on the lemon-pipe.

Jose Molina, in contact with this Northern Light clone.

After taking some pictures of my Spice of Life males, the Yerba crew went back to the Yerba compound, I went to take a nap, after all the good herbs we had smoked together.
I wish Yerba and its crew many more years of having great fun in making Spain’s foremost cannabis magazine, pure cannabis coverage.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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