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What we already smoked in Spain….

Maruska and myself are marihuana smokers by nature, but we expected we would have to adjust to Moroccan hash mainly, which is smoked in Spain for about 5 generations now, weed is still scarce in Spain. We brought some Powerplant buds and some Powerplant Ice to make sure we were able to cope for a while.

The first Spanish cannabis we smoked, in Barcelona, is named Flo, this strain has an extra-ordinary color, smell and taste, the high is as exclusive as the rest about this well cured herb. Karulo, the owner of growshop L’Interior, gave us a few buds for the road, we enjoyed it until the last little bit…

The second cannabis we smoked was in Malaga, in growshop Sinsemilla Street, shared with one of the local growers, sweet skunky stuff, forgot the strain.

By that time, we were running out of our own gear, we smoked a lot of it in Barcelona and Alicante, we smoked some ocal weed and hash in Alicante, by the way, but we did not lay our hands on any, we shared with a few friendly people in an internet café. We bought this hash in Torremolinas, after asking a friend, who knew a friend. It was not at all bad, clean, yellow pollem.

Maruska exhales the pollem, she liked it too!

We got this well grown Malaga Misty from Pepe Molina, the owner of Grow Sur, with the compliments of the house, great bud, it was bigger, I remembered to take a picture before we smoked it all.

This bud was a gift from a local grower, we were introduced to him by Pepe Molinas, we were smoked up first, and then only let off if we accepted some bud to smoke at home, we complied under so much pressure. Thanks, this indica bud was delicious, and the weed in spain is well cured, so far.

This is the other bud we were given by the local grower, Chronic, grown in Spain, a whoopy weed, great taste and high!

We were taken to Fernanda’s house in the hills, by Pepe, who is a very good ganja guide, where Fernanda showed us the collection she keeps for special visitors and occasions.

These buds are all grown biologically, outdoor, I wish I knew the strains, I’ll ask Fernanda, one of these days. This is No 1.

This was very solid, tasted like Skunk Special, it was No 2.

This is No3, all from the same garden

Fernanda gave us these three buds, they were all very nice, with a very pleasant high, must be something in the air, sun and soil of Spain…..

This was a gift from Pablo, grown by a friend of his, a rock hard nug of red haired skunk, a great smoke, Pablo’s friend does a great job!

This is a great piece of hash we got from Pepe, who has a kind Moroccan friend to keep him happy. It tastes as good as it looks, it got me as high as a kite!

Some Pollinator hash I got from a lady from Holland, I still have some about, amongst my other collection of the moment, it is a welcome change….

This is what I can smoke from at the moment.

Very good hash, fat, brown and sticky, there must be some hash-oil in it, great smoke, with a long lasting effect, very economic. First grade Moroccan pollem.

This is Double Zero, as I have been told by the kind supplier of these two excellent pieces of hash, it has a blasting effect, a bright, instant high.

This was a gift from Arseca, when we visited the Club, sharing is the secret there, we hope we can share some back one day.

We smoked more than I can display, sometimes, we were ‘hit’ without having my camera handy, but you have seen what a selection we have encountered by just saying hello in the cannabis related shops and clubs in Spain!
Spain has it, like Holland, and a little more, sun, a great outgoing lifestyle and food around the clock, great food!

I hope I can report a new selection soon, we are still snooping around.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , checking out the strains in Spain.

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