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Spanish Nights in Haarlem and Amsterdam.

Jose, Pegu and me left on the same flight from Malaga, Spain, to Amsterdam, Holland.
We went there to cover the Cannabis Cup for Yerba magazine, which we did as well as we could. Besides that, Jose wanted to have a good look around in Haarlem, to see our new places, he had not been in Haarlem for some years.

We went to Willie Wortel’s Indica first, as it is at the entrance of Haarlem when coming in to town from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. I asked Jose and Pegu if they wanted some pics of them behind the counter, they did. They checked the merchandise thoroughly, Jose was enchanted by our balls, the Nepalese Temple Balls.

All Willie Wortel cannabisshops sell over the scale, which means your order is being weighed at the spot, the available hash and weed can be checked first.

We went to Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla next, to inhale a few strains of the available menu there.

It was Pegu’s first visit to Holland and its coffeeshops, he went online to get in touch with his friends in Spain, to tell them he just landed in Pot Paradise.

After that, we spent some time in Willie Wortel’s Sativa, where Jose feasted his nostrils on our always-available Power Plant.

Jose had his behind-the-counter experience in Sativa too, Pegu was taking pictures like crazy.

This is Crossroads, a Haarlem strain, the one I chose to smoke on the spot, it has been a long time since we had it on the menu.

We went to Amsterdam the next day, to have a look around, had a coffee in the Bulldog on the Leidseplein, in the cell-block style coffeeshop downstairs. We noticed this driving bar in front of a burger place, The Bike Café. The students driving and emptying it were drinking beer, and then biked off to a new location to stop. The people at the bar are the bikers, they are the engine, fuelled by beer. We were about to load some cannabis in the Dampkring.

Jose says it is full in the Dampkring, but we went in anyway, I bought all three Cannabis Cup entries they offered, 2 grams of NYC bud, 1 gram of Sherazade Pollem Maroc and 1 gram of Kali Mist Ice, for 73 Euros, steep!

We walked to the Sensi Museum to see if the Eagle was on his nest, he was. Jose is asking some questions to our mutual friend, Eagle Bill, the Marihuana Shaman, vaporising the world with quality herbal delights.

We went back to the Bulldog, the bar this time, where Pegu and me waited for Jose to come back from Amsterdam Airport, with this company, from Barcelona, Spain.

We were handed some sneaky shooters by Marcel, Willie Wortel’s manager, Pegu and Karulo did not mind at all.

Jose and Pegu pose outside Willie Wortel’s Sativa with the menu, in broad daylight. They both stayed in Haarlem, so they had their breakfasts in Sativa, their bud breakfast.

On Wednesday night we had a special Spanish get together in Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla. Goyo, on the left here, had his birthday, so we threw him and his company a little smokers party.

Gonzalo and Wismy on the table soccer game, grown up kids.

We had some food brought in, by a local caterer, I hoped the Spaniards would like it, being aware of the great range of great food in Spain. They loved it, especially the spicy peanut sauce on their sate sticks.

The Barcelona Bros are munching away, Goyo just keeps taking pictures for Yerba magazine, on his birthday.

We gave Goyo a nice bong and a new style Willie Wortel T-shirt. He proudly opened his shirt to show he was wearing an old WW t-shirt, which we gave him several years ago.

Time to inhale, Marcel took out the one-meter-bong, for a nice after dinner smoke. I went first, no picture, of course. Karulo was second, he took in a good amount.

Wismy is having a go, he did fine.

Amstony, who is involved in the Spannabis organisation, had a go; he puffed and inhaled like a true pro. The Spannabis is Spain’s first major cannabis convention, and will be held in Barcelona, on February 20 – 22. www.spannabis.com

Goyo releases his smoke…

Gonzalo, sucking away…

After the bong session, I grinded up all the grass I had left in the baggies I collected the last few days, mostly Willie Wortel strains. We smoked the little bowl, and then called it a night, the coffeeshops as such was already closed for hours.

The Cannabis Checkers, after having done some research in Haarlem, Hempcity.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla
From a venue with a rich menu!

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