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Spain 2004:
(Last updated at 14-03-2004)

Nol´s 11 strains in Spain displayed:
From cannabis seed to smoke able weed.
(last update 27-02-2004)

Old Ed
Legends Ultimate Indica

Blue Sattelite #2
Sweet Tooth #3
Flo x Silver Haze
Golden Leaf
Skunk #1
Northern Light Clones
Thai Sinse

Nol and Maruska meeting:
 and eating and smoking with Spanish smokers,
activists,  growers, cannabis-entrepreneurs
 and other interesting people.

Nol’s garden in Spain, containing:
Sweet Tooth # 3 & # 4, Legends Ultimate Indica,
Blockhead, Blue Satellite # 2, Old Ed, Thai, Skunk # 1,
Flo, Golden Leaf and Northern Lights. A report from
seed to present status, from sunny Spain.

Harvest Party and Competition in Seville
Spain: La Semillita

(placed at 3 December 2003)

Spanish Nights in Haarlem and Amsterdam
(placed at 2 December 2003)

Cannabis competition in Malaga
(placed at 7 November 2003)

European Conference on Drugs and Youth.
Congress Palace, Malaga

(placed at 7 November 2003)

Going to Valencia, to check the local cannabis culture
(placed at October 18th 2003)

Garden of a Spanish cannabis grower
(updated 01-10-2003)

Eliott, the Spanish Ganja Guerrilla

Growshop owners meeting in ArsecSe, Seville

Mambo Beach Report August 2003

Yerba Magazine Report 2003

What makes Spain the paradise it is to us

Malaga: Marihuana Manifestation

What we already smoked in Spain

Barcelona Report March 2003

Malaga Report March 2003

Malaga: Jose ‘Pepe’ Molina

Maruska and Nol smoke up in Spain














Part 1
(made June 4th 2003)

Part 2
(made June 11th 2003)

Part 3
(made July 29th 2003)

Part 4
(made August 1st 2003)

Part 5
(made August 1st 2003)

Part 6
(made August 1st 2003)

Part 7
(made August 16th 2003)

Part 8
(made August 25th 2003)

Part 9
(made August 25th 2003)

Part 10
(made August 28th 2003)

Part 11

(made August 31st 2003)

Part 12
(made September 1st 2003)

Part 13
(made September 2nd 2003)

Part 14

(made September 10th 2003)

Part 15
(made September 13th 2003)

Part 16
(made September 22nd 2003)

Part 17
(made September 30th 2003)

Part 18
(made October 1st 2003)

Part 19
(made October 4th 2003)

Part 20
(made October 7th 2003)

Part 21
(made October 18th 2003)

Part 22
(made October 20th 2003)

Part 23
(made November 9th 2003)

Part 24
(made November 12th 2003)

Part 25
(made December 8th 2003)








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