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Nol van Schaik’s cannabis garden in Spain 2004.

A new spring, a new season, new seeds and a new location, under the same Spanish sun.

This is our new view, we moved to another place, it was getting to lonely on the mountain we lived on last year. We have neighbours here, so I have to be a bit more discrete in my garden.
The garden is big enough, but the trees around our house hardly allow any sunshine in, which will make things a bit more difficult than last year. Circumstances should not keep a cannabis grower down, so here is the first of my reports on my 2004 cannabis garden.

I have 20 different strains on hand this year, 6 of them were donated by Good House seeds, A Spanish seedbank, set up by Fede, an old friend, three strains donated by Cannabiogen, Spanish seedbank pur sang, and one strain donated by Paradise seeds. The rest is made up out of what I found in our foreign marihuana, my crosses from last years harvest, a Willie Wortel strain: Sativa A5, and 4 strains from one of our growers.

I started on March 7 with the germination process.

This is are three seeds, as they came in the free packages that Fede handed out, it is one of his new strains.

Good House seeds come in packs of 12, I used half of all the packages, so I have some left in case I want to continue with exceptional strains, if they pop…

Provo, a name that comes from the Provo Movement that liberated the Netherlands, while smoking joints and handing out roses to passers by. It is already my favourite!

White Tusk, I hope I can harvest some good ‘ivory’ cones of this strain.

Special AK #2, a complete stranger to me, nice.

Blue Crazy, blue happens to be colouring my life, will I go crazy now too?

These are 10 Sativa A5 seeds, I named the strain Safiva. Marcel gave me these seeds, telling me the grower/breeder had given them for free. It is a 5th generation Sativa strain, no background known.

Same Thai seeds I used last year, this time I will try to mix it with a strong Indica strain, to get it to produce tighter buds, one day.

Nebula, I was handed this bag by Paradise Seeds’ Ali Baba, we go back a long time.

Sweet Light, one of the crosses from my 2003 garden. Sweet Tooth #3 x Northern Light.

Sticky Fingers x Shiva, I hope these seeds work, this strain seems to be heat resistant, it ended up producing solid, big buds during last years indoor season in Holland. Please pop?

Blue Light, Blue Satellite #2 x Northern Light.

Taskenti, I smoked some of this earlier this year, great taste and high. This is a popular Cannabiogen strain.

Mix de Luxe, a variety of Cannabiogen seeds, surprises…

Destroyer, Cannabiogen, I’ll await my coming destruction.

Shiva Gold, a strain from Haarlem’s cannabis culture.

Shiva White, tastes, smells and hits like a dream.

Jamaica, seeds that fell out of the Jamaica brick weed we sell in the Willie Wortel shops.

Haarlem Haze, on our menu’s when available.

Old Head, Blockhead x Old Ed.

Ruud, one of Willie Wortel Sinsemilla’s cannabis salespersons, was visiting, of course he lend a helping hand. After covering the seeds with 4 layers of tissue, just poor water on them, and keep them moist until they sprouted.

March 10. Time to pot the seeds that already germinated. The Good House strains were the fastest, by far.

Safiva, the unknown Sativa, was fast too, 9 out of 10 sprouted.

Nebula does it too.

I rushed to a garden centre to get some soil and hardware, to pot my germinated seeds safely under the soil.

Make a little hole in the soil, drop the seeds in and cover them with a thin layer of soil.

Brave Unicorn, I bet this strain makes single giant buds…

After I put Blue Crazy, Safiva, Brave Unicorn, Nebula, Destroyer, Provo, Mix de Luxe and Obsequi under the soil, I put the tray in the sun, covered with some bubble plastic. The cover will protect the soil and seeds against the strong light, and prevent the soil from drying out.

Besides making these pics and reports, I am recording all my moves with my digital video camera, I intend to make a DVD of this years cultivation and harvest, step by step. It will keep me busy…

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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