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Barcelona Highlife Fair & Cup: An instant success!!

This is the stylish entrance to the Fira de Cornella in Barcelona, where Highlife organized their first Spanish Cannabis Fair.


Maruska offered to help Karulo set up his stand, together with Gemma, Karulo’s wife. They started their job as soon as they came in, no time to waste.

I met up with Napoleon, the man behind the electric cannabis clipper, I have met him on Cannabis events around Europe, he is always happy and snappy.

We watched the fashion show, organized by Holland’s Design Studio, all creations showed were made of hemp or hemp combined with other natural materials.

Maruska and Goyo, reporter and photographer for Yerba magazine, are having a chat with a curious visitor.

Paradise Seeds’ Ali Baba, who is a regular in our shops, showing off his bud and his smile, the bud is Nebula.

Ali Baba is going to cause a Hurricane of THC in this nice piece. The Hurricane bongs have a few small holes in both chambers, causing the inhaled smoke to twist like a Tornado! Nice smoke…

Fede, the founder of Spain’s Good House Seedbank, is really pleased to have won a trophy in the first ever Highlife Cannabis Cup for Professional Growers, like Seedbanks and Growshops.

All trophy winners on stage, Spain’s finest growers indulging in their moment of glory.

Boy Ramsahai, founder of Highlife Magazine & Events (L), JC and Hugo, Boy’s right hand in Spain, they did a wonderful job in Barcelona. We were invited to the dinner with all Judges and Fair assistants. I was supposed to be one of the Judges, but my imprisonment in France kept me from tasting all those nice buds.
The dinner was nice, good food and company, and loads of joints, overloads!

This was my ashtray after the starters, I was handed unlit joints from all sides, to celebrate my freedom. I was almost not able to keep up with these gifts, but I smoked all leftovers the next morning.

Hugo is laying out all entries of the competition, for all of us to pick a baggy as the base for a typical Spanish desert: a joint!

Paco checks hash known as D2 in the competition, it won its class. I think it was a bit too oily to be just hash, maybe some hash oil was added to some Ice hash?

We were on 50 person table, after the first joint was lit, everyone else started rolling and smoking as well, the staff did not say anything off it, so cool in Spain!

Gemma is her stand on Saturday, when the place was crowded from start to finish! I have never seen so many visitors on a cannabis event, people kept poring in all day.

The wide passage ways were clogged up all the time, filled with very interested Spanish smokers and growers, feasting their eyes and lungs on cannabis.

As you see, people were everywhere, this is the crowd gathered around the stage, to listen to a band, did not catch their name.

I can only say this event was well organized, well visited and well fun. I did not stay for Sunday, so I can only imagine how many more people came to the Fair.
I am sure you will find out all details later on www.highlife.nl.
I enjoyed the time we spent there, as did many of the Dutch entrepreneurs, they love the way the Spanish growers take their gardening so serious. Make sure you are there next year, things can only get better!

I wrote this report on my new work spot, overlooking a live windmill, a turning bridge and a wide river, on top of a coffeeshop, very inspiring. Well, off to roll me a nice joint, downstairs….

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , free as one can be.

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