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Cannabis competition in Malaga, Spain.

La Bella Flor – The Beautiful Flower.

After listening to and looking at the delegates on the European Conference on Drugs consumption and Youth for two days, I was on my way to something completely different.
The Conference was held on October 30 and 31, and ended around 18.00 hrs.
In the meanwhile, La Bella Flor, the Malaga cannabis competition, had started a few hours earlier, in Malaga as well, just a few miles from the Congress Palace, where 200 high ranked officials were still discussing about the growing drugs consumption in the European Union.
Jose Molina and me went straight to ARSECA, the organisers of La Bella Flor, to mingle with a lot of cannabis consumers, and to enter the competition, with two of the strains from my Spanish garden, Flo and Old Ed. Jose and me were still wearing our press badges, when we entered ARSECA to register for the event.

Jose at the desk, a little more informal than at the Congress Palace, but he had to register here as well, to get the ARSECA pass.

After I had registered for La Bella Flor, I had to take this picture, with both my passes, both valid for the same day, both in Malaga, but the topics of the meetings were as far apart as the North- and South Pole on our globe. The words prevention, evaluation and prevalence were still popping up in my mind, as if I was indoctrinated by the company and quotes of the penguins on the Drugs Conference, so I rolled myself a fat one, to get rid of these unwelcome occupants of my brain.

Maruska brought the buds, to enter the competition. By the time we had entered our buds, we had already been preceded by 46 other entries, and there was still a line of eager growers behind us, waiting to deliver the fruits of their garden.

Isra, the President of ARSECA, registered all the entries, with data about origin, way of cultivation and the eventual seedbank.

After Isra weighed the buds, they were forwarded to the volunteer members, that divided the entries in equal portions. After that, the samples were put in baggies, with a voting form included.

This is the set-up of Sebastian, the Webmaster of www.hanfburg.de He was invited to make images of the entries with his digital microscope set. The results were great, an avalanche of juicy trichomes!

The room smelled like Pot Paradise, a blend of wonderful aromas, released by the many entries that were being processed for the competition.

Izra registers our Flo.

Flo: Outdoor, grown in pots, from ‘paisano’ seeds (Seed produced in Spain), harvested on September 25.

In the meanwhile, the volunteers kept on packing the samples.

Sebastian was trying to get through the ever-growing line of entries.

Pegu, who is one of Jose’s staff members, came up with his entry.

This is the stash box of one of the members, meant to show off and share with fellow members. Like many Spanish growers, this member has a nice variety of strains on hand.

This is my box, filled with Northern Lights, I did not have enough to enter with this, so we just smoked it all ourselves.

After I started taking pictures of buds and stash boxes, a lot of people came over to have their products shot, just to see how it came out on camera, so I will give you an overview of all these random buds. I do not remember any names, but they all look lovely…

A little purple bud.

Leafy, but very juicy looking.

A skunk strain.

A hairy bud, a bit fluffy.

A small bud, indica.

The quality of the Spanish buds is real good, this bud looks delicious.

Dense, and covered with resin.

Citral bud in a box.

Another white beauty.

Fluffy Sativa bud.

An indica strain.

These buds were refused to enter the competition, not up to standards.

Maruska showed up with a big smile and a handful of sample bags, meaning we had some serious smoking to do! We went up to the roof terrace to find ourselves a spot in the sun.

We had 17 test bags in total. The green labels mean outdoor, the white labels mean indoor, the orange labels mean Spanish seeds.

The sampling: All samples were to be judged on structure, aroma, taste and impact.
For all sections the bud could receive a value between 1-10, this way an excellent bud could get up to 40 points max.

This is the grinded up result of bud 32.

Maruska did all the rolling, I took pictures and tested and tasted…

Having the first hit on the Bella Flor buds…

After we looked, smelled, and smelled the bud again, and both smoked on the joint, we could give the figures.

Nice tight buds.

It looked and smelled OK, but the taste was disappointing.

This bud had some hairs on it.

It was not bad at all, after having it cleaned thoroughly.

Nice indica nuggets.

Again, the taste was disappointing.

This is a strange variety, with a mystic smell, tight and very resinous.

Sebastian joined our test team for about 5 varieties.

Good figures for this tasty lady.

Another skunky strain, smelt fine.

Not a very impressive impact, though.

This one looks resinous, it had a very nice smell.

High scores.

This is how our little table looked like while testing the samples. We handed the left over bits to the volunteers later, when they were counting the votes. We took a break, to buzzed to do more testing. We tested the rest of our samples after dinner, the light was gone, I could not take proper pictures of that. We got buzzed all over again, I can tell you.

The official part of this unique meeting, the counting of the votes.

The volunteers at work, Fernanda, co-founder of ARSECA, hands in a few last votes.

Here is another members box, filled with goodies from Spanish soil.

Even after we tested all our samples, Maruska kept on rolling joints, she is preparing a king-size Joint of Northern Lights in this shot.

Three old hippies, Jose and Sebastian, both ACOGROS board members, and me, all of us enjoying an after-joint joint.

Sebas was at an agreeable level…

Maruska, in the meanwhile, finished her large joint.

This is the winner of about 5 of the 9 available premiums, I hope I can give you the final results, with the pics of the winning buds, soon.

Another happy grower. The prices were donated by Acogros, the Federation of Growshop owners of Andalucia.

Advanced Nutrients, producers of the most advanced cannabis nutrition, sponsored the event,
all visitors were given these little presents on entry. www.advancednutrients.com

After the awarding of the Premiums, we all gave the organisers, the volunteers, the sponsors and the participants a big hand of applause. I must say I enjoyed myself very well, the sampling was very awarding, and the standard of the participating cannabis was high, in more than one way. Well done, ARSECA, I can only hope to be there again next year!
www.alsur.es /arseca www.cannabiscafe.net /foros  

Sinsemilla Guerrilla
Arseca member.


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