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Malaga: Jose ‘Pepe’ Molina.

After meeting back up with Pepe Molina, who made us smoke prime Malaga bud, he started to ask why we were in Spain, was it just for a holiday, or maybe with a certain purpose, like setting up a coffeeshop….
We told him we were in Spain for a long holiday first, and to check out the current national cannabis culture.

Pepe started informing us about the status of cannabis and its consumers in Spain at the moment, he had a lot of up to date information about that subject.
Besides being a growshop owner, Pepe is also a contributor to Yerba magazine, an activist for cannabis legalization and an expert on Spanish Drug Policy.

Pepe exhales and informs us about the possibilities for growing and smoking marihuana in Spain, with official documents on the subject to back up his story.

The bud we smoked was as good as what I can get in Dutch coffeeshops, solid, well cured nugs, with a very skunky taste and smell, Malaga Misty!!

Growshop Grow Sur has an oriental look, with a lot of Arabic arches in its interior, they sell cannabis magazines from all over the world, with Yerba being the best selling publication.

I must say that Grow Sur is very well equipped, Pepe is a man who cares about details, so his collection is as big or even bigger than the growshops in Holland, he supplies a lot of outdoor growers, of course, so he has special nutrition for that purpose.

Every item in Pepe’s shop is well displayed, so his customers have a lot to read and compare when they visit the big shop.

Pepe pointed me to a new Spanish vaporizer device, made in ceramic, made in two versions, an electric type, with a possibility to plug it in while in your car or boat, and a version that runs on charcoal! I have not tested them yet, will do so for a further report on ways to smoke in Spain.

This picture shows a roasted piece of lamb, served during the 1st Anniversary party that Pepe organized to celebrate the success of his growshop, a very welcome gesture.

Wismy, editor-in-chief of Yerba magazine, attacks the lamb in front of him, while Pegu is already enjoying the soft, tender meat of the poor lamb that was sacrified to please us.

Pepe included a stiff joint in the delicious menu, look at the quality of the hash we were smoking after dinner!

After a good meal, there is always a good joint, Wismy and Pegu discretely roll a joint in the restaurant, under the table, for a nice walk before dessert.

Pepe, Steve and Wismy enjoy another joint, during dessert, on a terrace with a great view on one of the greenest valleys of Malaga and surrounding.

Grow Sur’s lighters, including a sharp message for cannabis critics: Alcohol kills, marihuana does not!

Pepe was also present to put in his two words during the Malaga Marihuana Manifestation, his protest banner says: The government lies! Legalise now!

It was nice to be participating in a pro-cannabis action in Spain for a change, protests in Belgium, the UK and Holland are always held in cold circumstances, we had a wonderfull, warm day in Malaga. Besides that, we were in good company, who al had something different to smoke, we went home baked, by both the sun and the cannabis consumed!

Pepe Molina is a very good host, he makes us eat a lot of wonderfull food, he knows all the best restaurants and their specialities in the area.
I will keep you informed about Pepe and Grow Sur, as they develop the cannabis culture of Andalucia, Spain. I watch their every move!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , brown as the hash I smoke!

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