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Harvest Party and Competition in Seville, Spain: La Semillita.

Just after the Cannabis cup, which was just after the Malaga Bella Flor Cup, we were on our way to the next cannabis quality comparison, included in a harvestparty. The event was held in the Arsec.Se headquarters in Seville.

This is the entrance of the Arsec.Se Association, where the members come together to have a few relaxed moments, and to enjoy some cannabis.

This is the logo of Arsec.Se, you can find it in king-size on the Alameda de Hercules, just a few minutes away from their base.

Enrique poses in front of the wall.

This is on the same wall, more about this figure later.

This is the name of the street where Arsec.Se is based, in case you ever end up in Seville, you know where to find it, well worth a visit.

When we came in, we noticed that Enrique, the President of Arsec.Se, is also the cook, he just started a huge pan of paella, a typical Spanish rice dish. That was just what we needed after a two and a half hour ride!

Paella comes in differents shapes and sizes, depending on the area. It can be made and served containing shellfish and shrimp, or with rabbit and chicken, as is the case in this pan. I am sure a Spanish person could tell you way more about it, I am just a consumer.

The people that help behind the bar are real friendly, they are all volunteers who enjoy being an active part of this high level members club.

The paella was made in the middle of the place, which spread a great aroma.

We were immediately taken up by a small group around the bar, who were as curious about our bud as we were about theirs. I brought a sunglass case full of our Thai, and some Dutch Sticky Fingers.

We all held out our stash, so Maruska could take this nice shot.

The Paella starting bubbling like good Ice-O-Lator hash, a good sign!

Even the bartenders inhale…

Yes, Francis too…

One of the participants showing his grinded bud, note the hash sticking on his nail, these are the hands of a heavy duty smoker. His bud, Lebanon, came in second overall in the end.

The smell of paella was overwhelming the smell of cannabis…sometimes.

In the meanwhile, I was handed a stiff drink, some thunderwater with bud in it, it went down like barbwire, but I felt aglow after ingesting it completely.

The pan was alive, as if all parts were jumping up and down of the hot bottom. I was starving, but all I could do was take pictures of the process taking place. I hope I can make you feel hungry by just looking at my instant Paella Cooking Course.

Arsec.Se had set up their booth, as they set it up at pro cannabis manifestations and concerts.

They distribute folders about the legality of cannabis and penalties for possession in public, and about the medical properties of the plant.

Maruska was getting hungry too, she was already high as a kite.

Enrique smiles while opening a bag of rice, he was very concentrated on the paella.

He pours the rice in with the other ingredients, to complete the dish.

Paella on the edge.

Prey delivers his votes.

Fernanda is still testing the aroma of the bud she holds.

The rice was cooking, the paella was getting close to being done, loads of people had come in, I sure hoped the pan would be able to serve us all.

Enrique checks the paella, while he prepares a lovely mushroom dish on another table.

Prey shows off with his rocket style joint.

Fernanda looks at yet another sample.

A nice crowd was gathered, there were more members on the second floor, forgot to take even one picture there…

The paella was covered with foil, to make the rice and other goodies under there steam a bit.

One of the participants showed me his Ice powder, un-pressed.

This is the same hash, after a hand press.

Enrique unveils the ready to serve paella, steaming hot!

This is a delicious looking paella, I took a fast picture, people were coming up with their plates.

The Mushroom dish.

Enrique started serving the hungry crowd.

Maruska was a bit higher, and happy with her meal.

After he served everybody, Enrique took some time for a plate of his food too. He made a pan big enough to serve us all, well over a 100 people!

Those who were really hungry, scraped the pan clean empty, what better compliment can a paella cook get. It was great, I can tell you.

Even a joint in the morning cannot be better than an after dinner joint…

The exchange of bud and hash came alive again, to make more after dinner joints. This member carries his bud in fish food containers.

Smoke over a happy crowd.

After having been an excellent cook, Enrique went back to being the President again, as such, he was taking care of the last bits and pieces of the cannabis competition. All the 48 samples had to be stuck on a huge board, to be made available to the public.

This is an example of a voting slip.
Appearance and structure. Regular – good- excellent
Aroma and taste.
Impact and close up with microscope.

Enrique and one of his assistants are lining out the samples.

The votes were being entered into the computers.

All participants that did not make it to the top 5 were awarded this cool Diploma.

The last buds were taped to the board, which started to look impressive.

Here are all 48 entries of the 2003 Sevilla Semillita.

The official Jury and the entries.

Maruska writes out a voucher for the winner of the first price, who will get a weeknd trip to Amsterdam for two persons. I decided to give the winner 50 Euros of cannabis of choice from Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla in Haarlem, only a 12 minute trainride away from the Big Bud.

A Bob Marley Special Porro.

Fernanda held a speech for the crowd, to encourage them to keep growing and smoking cannabis, and to stand up for their rights to do so. Fernanda is the President of all Spanish pro cannabis organisations, and spokesperson for that group.

Prey did not make it to the top 5, but he is motivated to win next year, positive vibes.

Enrique congratulates the winner, an Arseca member from Malaga. I do not recall his name, but I will try to include it later, sorry.

I did congratulate him with his victory, I hope to look him up in Malaga one day.

Prey lit his rocket, as often the case with huge joints, it looked better than it smoked, it took a whole lot of puffin’ to get it going.

Maruska had a go, but she did not get a good hit out of it, too bad, it looked nice.

The figure on the wall and the diploma’s is San Enrique de Hachis, a worthy title for our host, cook, master of ceremonies and one of the friendliest people I have ever met. Thanks, Enrique and Arsec.Se, for a wonderful stay, paella and cannabis tastery. We’ll be back…

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , running from Cup to Cup.

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