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Growshop owners meeting in ArsecSe, Seville., Spain September 20, 2003.

Jose invited me to a meeting of Acogros, the Federation of Spanish Growshop-owners, as a special guest, and to hold a little speech about Holland, Spain and Cannabis.
Pete Brady, Cannabis Culture’s international in-deep reporter, accompanied me, he was in Spain to write an article about the current cannabis situation.

The start of the day, though very early, was wonderful, we were heading towards a great sunrise in Andalusia, breathtaking…

The Sevilla ARSEC division is close to the Alameda de Hercules, in this street, in case you want to visit when there.

You can hardly miss the big building that is the home base of ArsecSe, they are open every day, but they do close for siesta, between 14.00 and 17.00 hrs.

This is how the members of ArsecSe enjoy their club, which is equipped with a lot of pillows to have a rest or a quick nap.

This is the bar, well equipped with drinks, including beer and wine, and tapas, the Spanish way of presenting a large variety of small, tasty snacks, available around the clock.
The bar staff was very friendly, and served us a nice breakfast on arrival, with a stiff coffee.

From left to right: Aznar, the little fellow, George Bush, a joint, Sadman Hoessein and me.

Jose Molina is answering the questions of the press, a reporter of El Mundo, in this case, one of Spain’s biggest newspapers. El Pais, claiming to be the biggest Spanish daily, had also sent a reporter.

The Acogros board: Jose Molina, Secretary, Antonio Parra, President, and Sebastian Garcia Valeroso, Representative of the growshops.

Acogros has 40 members, most of them showed up, others called to authorise the board to go with the majority. The turn up was very good, with about 30 members attending, as well as the press present. Besides the Spanish newspapers, two Spanish cannabis magazines, Canamo and Yerba sent their top reporters, and Canada’s Cannabis Culture had Pete Brady on the spot.
The meeting was about legal matters, insurances, buying as a collective and other business related topics. The Acogros Association wants to present itself as the voice of the growshops and growers, and as the defender of the rights of these groups. They have their own, specialised Lawyer, and a huge database of court cases around hash and cannabis in Spain.

Of course, we took a siesta, to have lunch in Enrique’s favourite restaurant. Enrique, with glasses, in the back, is the President of Arsecse, and the owner of Doble Zero growshop.

This is the Spanish cannabis press: Foreground left: Moses, representing Canamo magazine, based in Barcelona, and, foreground right: Wismy, representing Yerba Magazine, based in Malaga. Did they act, or did they really get along quite well? I have to ask, one day.

Wismy is known for smoking in restaurants, as you can see, I see him do it everywhere we eat together!

We had a short stop in the Doble Zero shop, after lunch, it is located on the Alameda de Hercules. Doble Zero is a cannabis shop, they sell grow equipment, as well as paraphernalia and hemp clothing. A very pleasant place to look around in.

A group of cannabists in front of Doble Zero, they pushed me all the way to the back….

The meeting continued after the break, to have a vote on the changes and new proposals that were made before. I had my 15 minutes in the spotlight, in Spanish, but it all went good.
The plan for a luxury cannabis resort in Spain, worked out by Jose Molina and me, was well received by the meeting, it triggered a lot of smiling faces.

We left after a last drink and an apple, there were still some plants to be harvested from my terrace, with bud eating caterpillars after my future smoke. It was a long drive, 500 kilometres all together, but both Pete and me agreed it was well worth it.
I’ll go to Arsecse with Maruska next time, to just hang and smoke, we’ll join up as members first.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , ‘clubbing’ in Spain.

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