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Finally, a garden under the sun in Spain… Part 1

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After years of dreaming and making plans, we, Maruska and me, finally ended up where we want to be for a long time now, on a farm in the south of Spain, to enjoy the climate in the first place, a climate very well suited for our hobby, growing marihuana.
After wandering around through the coastal areas of Spain, we found a nice place to settle for the rest of the year, we rented a small country house, in a very private setting, and with enough space to set up a good garden full of cannabis plants.
We moved in on May 15, when most gardens in Spain are already up and growing, so I will have to reackon with smaller plants than would have been possible with an earlier start.

I brought some old and some very old seeds from Holland, hoping they would still be alive, and decided to buy some strains in one of Spain’s 400! Growshops, and maybe some local clones.
This was not necessary, I happened to run into Breeder Steve, the founder and keeper of the Spice of Life Seedbank, who was enjoying a long holiday in Spain, and had met up with Pepe Molinas from growshop GrowSur. Steve gave me 5 of his strains to grow out in Spain, he was curious to know how they would do in the perfect climate. We were very pleased with his gesture, and even more so after we started to make them ready for action.

The 5 strains from Spice of Life I will grow out are:
Sweet Tooth #3, Sweet Tooth #4, Legends Ultimate Indica, Blockhead, Blue Satelite #2.

Steve’s seeds are great, they sprout very fast and 100%! The fastest of them all was the Legends Ultimate Indica, all 12 seeds were sprouted in 24 hours, look at them!!

After being sprouted, I took the seeds to my potting corner in the shade, to give them a nice
fresh pot of soil.

Sprouted Legends in their new homes, before I cover them with a thin layer of soil.

I kept the potted seeds under plastic the first few days, the sun in Spain is already very hot in the second half of May, maybe to hot for seedlings popping up.

I started a few seeds I found in the Flo buds I was given by Karulo from Barcelona a few days before I started to germ Steve’s seeds, here is the first ‘popper’in my Spanish garden, the Flo is ready to show and grow!

The second strain to come up was Sweet Tooth #4, I was handed these six seeds by Pepe, who kept the other six for his own garden. They all sprouted, but one did not make it up, the plants were out within two days after I potted them.

Blue Satelite #2, out of the soil in 2 days, all twelve came up within 48 hours.

Sweet Tooth #3, I look forward to make huge buds out of these fragile seedlings!

Skunk #1, a golden oldie, had these seeds for 10 years, three of the seeds made it, I hope I have two sexes…

Old Ed, a mix of Wernard’s Citral and Old Ed’s Californian Skunk, old seeds as well, two of them made it.

I got two Golden Leaf seedlings up as well, these seeds were the product of my first ever garden, in 1988!

The Flo is on, it has turned into a small plant by now, on may 27.

This is my garden, I will pot the plants in 15 liter pots soon, and finish them like that, I started a bit late in the season, so I will not get the biggest plants possible, this year…

Blue Satelite, Steve told me these plants have a weird grow pattern, so far, they just grow just fine.

I also have 4 Thai plants up, the seeds came from the Thai-sticks we sold in Willie Wortel’s years ago, I can’t wait to see and smoke this strain, after growing Sinsemilla!

This was an oversight of the first two weeks of our garden in Spain, I will try to make a report on the progress every two weeks.

Our garden contains the following plants:
9 Blockheads, 10 Legends Ultimate Indicas, 12 Sweet Tooth#3, 5 Sweet Tooth#4, 10 Blue Satelites, 4 Thai, 3 Skunk#1, 2 Old Ed, 2 Golden Leaf and 2 Flo’s.

We lost a few seedlings due to the curious dogs we have on the farm, they snapped 2 Legends, a Skunk#1 and a Flo, I have set up a row of chairs around the plants after I was encountered with that, it is safe now, what a loss…

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , pulling up the old and the new…

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