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Garden in Spain Part 22.

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Making hash with the XXX-tractor bags.

I have not trimmed the buds from the plants yet, we just clean some to smoke, but we had enough trim to make some hash out of it. I used the XXX-tractor bags, made in Canada.
The bags came with a clear manual, which I followed exactly, to get the best possible result.
I did not weigh anything, because having a scale in the house would make me a dealer in the eyes of the Spanish police, in case they would drop in.

These are the requirements to make hash with ice and water, the so-called Ice-O-Lator method. I used the 20 litre set, XXX-tractor also carries 5, 55 and 200 litre sets.

This is the amount of trim I used to make hash out of.

Before starting the process, I put the trim in the freezer for about an hour, so the material is as cool as possible.

I filled the 20 liter bucket for 2/3 with cold water.

Do not overfill the bucket, that will get you in trouble when you add the trim and the ice cubes.

The right follow up in bags: Red (X) goes in orange (XX), they both go in Yellow(XXX). Make sure the ice cubes are loose, before you dump them in the water.

Throw one bag of ice in the bags.

One bag of ice around the bags. Leave the bucket be for about 15 minutes to cool down.

Ice on both sides of the bags.

Remove the ice cubes from the inside, and put it on the outside of the bags, before folding the bags over the bucket, make sure the red bag covers the others, to avoid any trim getting into the orange and yellow bag.

Drop the trim in the red bag, and push it into the water with a big spoon.

Make sure the trim is soaked well.

Stir the trim in the water for 20 minutes, best to ask a friend, so he can hold the drill for a while…

The drill had no speed control, which does not make it easy.

After that, add the lsat bag of ice to the trim in the red bag, and stir it for another 15 minutes.

Marihuana on the rocks…

After the stirring, the bucket should be left alone for 30 minutes, on a cold spot. I wrapped an isolation blanket around it, to keep the cold in. The trichomes can sink slowly into their respective bags now.

The blanket worked fine, the bucket was well cold when I uncovered it.

Most of the ice was still intact.

Peel of the red bag now.

Set it up straight.

Rinse the inside of the bag with cold water, to flush down the trim.

Rinse the outside of the bag to flush down the trichomes that might be stuck on it, into the orange bag.

Squeeze the water out of the red bag into the orange bag, and let it leak out well.

Now pull up the orange bag, the water will not go out fast, squeeze the bag to do so.

Rinse the bag to flush the trichomes down to the bottom, flush the outside to get the trichomes stuck there into the yellow bag.

You will see some ‘mud’ appearing on the bottom of the bag.

Marihuana mud.

Collect the trichomes under a fast running tap, the water flushes out the small parts of leaf material left, and will leave pure crystals only.

Fold the bottom of the bag on a towel, and fold the towel over the bottom.

Roll a bottle over the towel, not to hard, just to squeeze the water out of the hash. Repeat on a dry part of the towel, until no more water comes out of the bag.

The mud turned into hash…

It is not easy to scrape the hash from the sift, I pressed too hard with the bottle, which presses the trichomes in the holes. I used less pressure during the second extraction, the hash came out real easy then.

Fresh Hash!

The yellow bag was next, the water takes some time to drip out.

I hung it up, so I had time to roll a joint.

After the pressing procedure, the same as with the orange bag, this is the class A result.

This is the residue, will be used as compost.

After use, clean the bags thoroughly with cold water, hot and warm water will melt the screen.
I turned the bags inside out, and used the garden hose, with a little pressure, works great.
Dry them out before storing.

The hash harvest.

Class B.

Class A.

Pegu, one of Grow Sur’s staff members, checks out the merchandise. We smoked a pipe full, brought tears to my eyes! This stuff is to be inhaled slowly, to prevent heavy coughing. The effect is strong, after my eyes stopped watering and rolling, I just grinned and sat there. It is hard to stay cool after smoking Ice!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , stirred, shaken and well baked.

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