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Going to Valencia, to check the local cannabis culture

Jose invited me on a trip to Valencia, the orange capital of Spain, to meet some cannabisness people there, and to smell and feel the atmosphere.

We knew we were going the right direction when we spotted this car, must have been full of smokers, smoking some heavy duty shit!

We visited Rafael, an ACOGROS member, whom we had already met during the Seville meeting, last September. Rafael and Jose are having some small talk in front of Rafa’s Dr. Cogollo grow- and head shop. Dr. Cogollo is Spanish for Dr. Bud.

The show grow of DR. Cogollo, with one little cannabis plant hidden in one of the pots. Note the poster of the Dr. on the background, nice artwork.

You can see the shop carries both grow equipment and paraphernalia.

The smokers gear is well displayed in the various displays.

The most eye-catching pipe is this beautiful Scorpion shaped piece, it even looks a bit scary, with that poisonous tail.

We drank a mint liquor based cannabis toast on the 2nd Anniversary of Yerba magazine. It tasted well and warmed me up inside. We smoked a ceremonial joint after that, made of the bud on the left, Northern Light from my Spanish garden of 2003.

After that, I gave the doctor some of his own medicine, a small cogollo of my Flo.

The shop gives out free seeds, which turn out to be fake, as it says in the wrapper, but they will be replaced by real beans after a purchase of 25 euros in Valencia’s Dr. Cogollo shop.

This picture is taken in El Romeral in Valencia, where we were invited for a Paella Valenciana by our host and guide, Jose Antonio Anchel, aka: El Conde. From left to right: Jose Molina, Miguel, Jose Antonio and Javier. Miguel and Javier are Jose Anonio’s assistants in his company, Organihum, producing ecological plant food for the agricultural sector in Spain, and a newly released line of nutrients, especially for cannabis cultivation.

El Conde, assuring us we were about to eat the best paella in the world, with rabbit and chicken, paella del campo Valenciana. I do not argue with him, I found it a treat, every bite of it, I ate until I was close to exploding.

El Conde, aka: Jose Antonio Anchel. He is a cannabis lover and researcher by nature, and a guerrilla grower under pressure of a prohibitive Law. His company has its own laboratory and research facilities, which have been working on his ecological cannabis nutrients for twelve years now. His website, very slick and informative, will be up soon: www.organihum.com

These are most of the cannabis nutrients, two more on the back of the folder. Jose Antonio gave me the five I marked with a leaf, for my next grow. I will surely try them out.

The nutrients and preventives for my next crop in Spain, I am on the lookout for an indoor space to get through the winter, I might get bored just smoking hash after we run out of stock.
The bud on top is Flo, will try to get them bigger on these nutes next season.
Thanks, El Conde, you were a great host and good company for the two days we spent in Valencia, you filled our lungs and stomachs with delicious goods…

Sinsemilla Guerrilla , on rabbit and chicken.

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