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Christiania visit January 2003.

Maruska and me had not been to Christiania for over a year, in the meanwhile we heard and read that the pot-loving community had been put under pressure by the authorities, once more.
We had called some friends in Christiania to confirm the bad news, but Luna told us it was nothing new, the new government wants to get the property back, as usual.

We left early, but ended up in a traffic jam anyway, on our way to the airport, making us fear we would miss our flight, it had started snowing too.

We thought we would be in time for a nice breakfast in the Moonfisher coffeeshop, as we were to arrive in Kopenhagen around 11 in the morning, but our flight was cancelled due to a bit of snow, we spent hours in the plane, and eventually arrived around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

We ‘found’ some weed in a package of cigarettes we brought from Holland, happens to us a lot, it is always good marijuana as well, Maruska was not even surprised….

We were checked by the customs when we arrived at Kopenhagen Airport, the officer checking our bags took out our rolling papers first, then some T-shirts with marijuana logos and our Willie Wortel lighters. He asked me where we were from, and where we were heading. I told him we were from Haarlem, Holland, and that we were on our way to Christiania, to meet some friends. He then opened our second, bigger bag, which confronted him with a hundred Ganja Grinda’s and a few dozen of my books. He opened a box with a grinder, and asked me what it was. I explained it was a weed crusher, so the resin of the buds would not stick on your fingers, the latest from Holland. Maruska got pissed, she told the guy to keep his hand of her underwear, and that he was making a mess of our luggage. The guy got pissed too, but just continued his search. He opened a box with the books, and took one out, and started reading the front. I took out another book, and showed him the back, next to my face, pointing him out I was the author and the guy on the picture on the back.
He then asked me if we were bringing any cannabis to Denmark. I replied that would be really dumb, considering the amount of cannabis available in Christiania, we could buy and smoke as much as we wanted there, he should know that too.
He dug up some Cannabis Culture magazines from the big bag, and gave up, he waved us away, and turned around, to join his colleagues in drinking coffee. We walked out, our weed and hash undiscovered, and called for a cab.

This guy in his perfect disguise is an old friend, who wants to stay anonymous, for reasons I understand. He saw us walking in to Pusher street, and called for us to hug us, a Danish custom, they are not such great kissers as the Dutch. He told us he would meet us again later, in the Moonfisher coffeeshop, for a nice smoke. He turned up with a big chillum, loaded with fine Marroccan hash, and started it for me…

Then Toby, a Moonfisher crew member, filled his lungs, and enjoyed the inhaling as well as the exhaling part of the smoke.

I was next, I did not even have time to take my coat off…

After a first fat smoke session, we were taken to our room, by the best host one could find in Christiania, our long time friend Luna, who took care of the luggage with a typical Christiania bike.

We stayed in this building, Luna and her love partner Bo, have a wonderful apartment in the former army barracks, they are now adding a proper bathroom, so they do not have to walk out on the hallway for that anymore. It was COLD out there, so we did not spend much time outside.

A view from our window, overlooking a part of Christiania’s soccer field.

We were back in the Moonfisher early the next morning, where Luna made us a nice breakfast, as we are accustomed to when in Denmark, almost a ritual start of the day.

Some of the smoke you will see all around in Christiania, the smokers always make sure they do not run dry, there is no 5 gram restriction, like in Holland, it is just all as illegal, but who cares?

Bobo just finished his joint, with some Pollem from the little silver stashbox.

Maruska and Luna were already smoking and rolling, an activity they have in common.

A typical smokers decorum in the Moonfisher coffeeshop.

Since we did not get to spend much time outside, it was minus 10, without wind, and even colder with some wind, I picked up on some of Christiania’s great history a bit more.

I was given this, by Fri Hash Flemming, a well respected Christianian, who is standing up for the right to smoke hash as long as he inhales. You can see this culture is one of the first to expose themselves, they started this magazine, Hempleaf, in 1979! ‘Nu med moms’ means: ‘Including tax now’

Inside you will find a detailed schedule to build an earthpipe, a very popular way to smoke in Denmark, they even have competitions in building these pipes during events and parties. It is meant to be able to smoke on the globe….

Flemming included this old voucher in the magazine.
He explained that these vouchers were given out to Christianians, so they could always score a free gram of hash in times of poverty.

As you can see, this tradition still stands, the vouchers have been replaced by Christiania coins, which we received from Luna and Bo, on an earlier occasion.

This is Flemmings merchandise, he makes pre rolled filters, for the typical Danish joints, the dane s love a long filter, for a cooler smoke. Flemming only smokes and shares outdoor skunk, he is a pure bio person, and some kind of dog whisperer, he is the one people turn to when their canine is sick or hurt. All dogs in Christiania know and greet him, as an old friend, amazing!

Flemming won the Christiania joint rolling competition in 2000, as this medal proves, he is a perfectionist!

Something needs to be told about how the Danes make their joints, different from the Dutch or the American way, which are respectively with and without tobacco.

Most Danish smokers ‘toast’ their cigarettes before they use them in a joint. They know cigarettes are bad, but the Christianians are hash smokers mostly, and hash will not burn in a joint or chillum without tobacco, they hardly smoke bongs or other pipes.
Toasting is heating the cigarette in the flame of a lighter, to heat up the shit that is added to the tobacco by the producers.

After heating it, they blow on the filter, to get most of the additives out, as you will clearly smell.

They repeat this until they see no more smoke coming from the blackening cigarette. They use the dry, practically tasteless tobacco in their joints, with about 1 gram of hash in it.

The Poolroom of the Moonfisher coffeeshop, early in the morning, the 2 pooltables are occupied all day, with a long waiting list until they close.

The terrace in front of the Moonfisher, with the famous Rune stone in the little park behind it.

We ate all our dinners in Spiseloppen, a great restaurant in Christiania, where you can smoke during and after dinner. There are 5 tables especially reserved for Christiania inhabitants and their guests. Luna, Bo, me and Morten are waiting for the starters.

After 3 hazy days in Christiana, we had to say goodbye to our wonderfull friends, Luna and Bo, who spoiled us tremendously again…

We will be back, as always, Christiania is our special place under the sky…

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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