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Wernard and Nol visiting the Cannatrade in Bern Switserland.

Wernard and myself were informed about the Cannatrade in Bern, Switserland, by a lot of people that had participated the previous year, all stating it was one of the finest conventions in Europe, and real big too.
So, we went there to check out if the ambience was as described…

The first thing we noticed inside was that it was busy, very busy, although the convention hall was huge, thousands of people crowded around hundreds of stands and booths.

We went to Evert’s stand first, to ask him if we could dump our bags in his stand.

Evert is the man behind the Verdamper, the vaporizer with the paint stripper. He was there to promote his products, he did so by filling anyone interested with rich, flavorous vapour.

This is Evert’s Giant Vapo Bubble, I have inhaled from it on several events and occasions.

We had a short chat with Peter Golembe, from Cannabis Kultur, the German version of the Canadian based Cannabis Culture. Dana Larsen, the editor of CC is in the foreground, filling up folders for visitors.

This is the stand of Chris, the founder of Hemperium, he wholesales a large variety of hemp products.

We had a lot of stops with old friends of Wernard, this was a surprise shot, as you can see on most faces…

I smoked a joint with Boris, the Editor of Heads magazine.

We ran into our mutual friend Eagle Bill, the Cannabis Shaman, who travels around to vaporize people around Europe. Bill was stopped in Belgium, searched and caught in possession of cannabis, on the way to the convention. He was given a fine, after the Belgian Police confiscated most of his stash, not all of it. Bill managed to keep some bud hidden, so he was not really shocked about it.

Klon Tech was demonstrating how to make clones from small parts of plant material, very sophisticated and sterile.

Napoleon was there to demonstrate his electric weedclipper, in his usual outfit.

This is the latest vaporizer development, a portable version, called the Vapir.

Here is the inventor of the device, sorry, forgot his name…

I tried it with the mask on, it works like any other vaporizer, and it is a state of the art instrument all together, with digital displays and a mysterious blue light inside.

I cought Jos Nijsten, author of the Cannaclopedia, while he was having a few hits on his pipe.

The huge bar was always busy, it was a hard job to get a drink.

Michka was there with a booth full of info about her Smokers museum in Paris.

Mark, my colleague from coffeeshop Far Out, was in Bern as well, he gave me these Swiss buds to smoke, which we did, it was all right, but not impressive.

The stage was filled with a lot of plants, set up by Swiss growers, it was also the test area for the entered Swiss buds.

Here is the winner of the Outdoor competition, it was a nice bud, Wernard liked it a lot.

Wernard was impressed by all the new ‘hardware’ on the market, like the variety in plug and grow units.

And this special unit to cure your harvest….

We were personally invited to this seminar, by Dr. Ethan Russo, displayed on this picture.

Dr. Russo is the author of this book, Wernard and me were both given an autographed copy.

We were amazed by Dr. Russo’s seminar, this man knows cannabis and how to sue it medicinally. His presentation and slides were outstanding, I did not miss a word!
The picture in the background show Dr.Russo in one of the grow operations of GW Pharmaceuticals in the UK.

Dr. Russo and Wernard are splitting fibres….

We were only there for one day, we will be there this year, but we will make sure we are there for the full 3 days, we did not have time to check everybody and everything out, but it was a great little trip. www.cannatrade.ch

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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